Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Boodle Box *Holiday Gift Guide*

I received products for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

As we approach the upcoming Holiday season, Mama's Baby Cupcakes has teamed up with several companies we think would be a great fit to purchase/wear/give to others in the upcoming months. Thanks to each and every sponsor showcased in our Holiday Gift Guide, and if you see the cute button above then you know its Holiday approved!
The Boodle Box is a monthly subscription box full of adorable accessories and beauty products that encourage girls of all ages to uncover new things and discover themselves in the process! Each month, you'll receive a selection of the latest products for teens and tweens from some of the top manufacturers in the beauty and fashion industries. 

I'd never heard of The Boodle Box before, but when I looked at their website and learned about their company, I was definitely intrigued. Having a house of four little girls, I figured this was worth the review, especially having two of my girls in their recommended ages of six years or older, so after saying yes to a review, we were sent their December box! 

I was very surprised to see how full the box was, as well as the retail value for all items combined together. The most expensive box is if you buy one month at a time and that's $29.99. As you can see above, our box had about $57 worth of products in it!!

My favorite item in the box is probably the headbands because our oldest loves hair accessories. I knew immediately they would get used a lot and they fit great on her head at eight years old. Because of the holidays, I broke up this box and put a couple pieces in our other girls' stockings. Our almost four year old got the chunky bracelet which really could be for just about any age, and our second daughter got the pencil since they always seem to never have enough. It's a Frozen smell pencil and since Madison happened to get a smelling pencil from school, I thought it was great timing to give McKenzie one. 

Head on over to the Boodle Box website to sign up for their service. The more you purchase at once, the more money you save over all. I like that there's two age groups so you know most will work with your child instead of getting a complete surprise each month. 

Connect with Boodle Box on their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram social media channels.