Monday, December 21, 2015

The Formula For Happiness With a Large Family

When my husband and I first met back in 2004, we never dreamed of a big family like we have now. When you're young and in love you talk and plan and dream, but then life becomes reality and we're so blessed to have our four little girls God has entrusted in us. Now that we're expecting our our son due in May, it has me thinking all over again about how to keep our kids happy. All of this has come as a great time because I've partnered with Gerber Good Start and their #formulaforhappiness campaign in which their formulas are all now non-GMO! 

When it comes to having a big family, one of our key points for the #formulaforhappiness would be quality time with our kids. Whether it's letting one child go to the store with a parent or up the street to pay a bill, alone time is key with our children. We see them in a whole new light and they get a spunk of energy being around us alone or even just one other sibling. 

One fun thing my husband loves doing is taking our school aged daughters to the school's "Father/Daughter Ball". It's a fun day for our girls to get dressed up and hang out with their dad while dancing and having a good time just being together. 

One nice thing we love to do is walk around our housing addition and enjoy our wonderful wooded area. While it may not seem like much, it's a nice way to be together as a family, not have to spend any money doing something fun, and we get amazing natural photo opps such as the image above! 

When it comes to our children, we always want what's best for them and whether you're able to breastfeed or choose to bottle feed, great companies that you can trust are key. We've always personally used Gerber because it's a brand I love and trust with all my kiddos, so I was happy to see that moms who want a non-GMO formula have a wide range of choices because all Gerber Good Start formulas are now made with non-GMO ingredients.

Gerber nutritionists, along with the FDA and many other health professionals and scientific organizations, agree that products made with GMOs are safe for consumers, however, significant numbers of new parents prefer foods made from non-GMO ingredients. Gerber's over all goal is to provide consumers with desirable options as well as consistent nutrition and comfort in all Good Start infant formulas. I really like that instead of offering one certain kind of non-GMO formula, they changed all of their products to be equal and to give parents a better piece of mind when purchasing. 

With our son Maximus set to arrive in early May, I already have my best #formulaforhappiness options planned out thanks to him having four sisters! 

One of the first things I do with my children after their birth is swaddles! While some children may not like them, they were beneficial for our girls and helped them feel comfortable and safe. After being in a belly for 9 months, the world can seem overwhelming, so swaddles let them feel nice and snug like a burrito, but yet it helps keep them calm and comfortable while they transition to the outside world. 

Something else I like to do with my newborns is letting them feel skin to skin contact. Whether that's cuddling during a nap in my arms or during a feeding, a mother's touch is the most soothing thing I think they know, and feeling and smelling our touch can be huge when it comes to the early months. 

Wearing your baby, either in a special tank like the one above or a carrier, can be such a huge benefit when babies are small. Since they always want to be close, it's a great alternative because they get what they want and need, but yet you're able to move around freely to clean, cook, tend to other children, and the many other things us mommies do! 

Having fun with your baby is probably the over all #1 #formulaforhappiness. Enjoying all their milestones, the cute little noises while they sleep peacefully on our chest, their first smiles, laughs, and so much more is very important for baby and YOU! All we want in life is for our children to be healthy and happy, and nothing beats that when they flash a big grin showing their love for you. 

What are some of your secrets for the formula for happiness
I'd love to hear them so comment below and check out Gerber for more information about them, the company, and other ways they can help! 


Diana Chastain said...

Wow! I feel like your pregnancy is going by so fast! And congrats on a boy!