Friday, December 18, 2015

Michelle's Pregnancy Journal: Week 20

Doctor Appointments:
Sept 30: Ultrasound for EDD (8.5 weeks)
Oct 26: First Dr Appt (12.3 weeks) 
Nov 16: 16 week check up (15.3 weeks)
Dec 15: 20 week check up/gender scan (19.4 weeks)

Sept 30: 224lb
Oct 26: 227lb
Nov 16: 231lb
Dec 15: 233lb

Baby Names:
Boy: Maximus
Girl: Monroe

Heart Beat: 
162 (12 weeks)
134 (15 weeks)
145 (19 weeks)

Food cravings:
My cravings have leveled out so there isn't really anything I'm "dieing" to have.

Old Wives Tales: 
(2) Intelligender's say boy
Chinese Calendar says boy
Baking Soda test says girl

My appointment was at 9am to first have my gender scan and then see my doctor after that. I was so nervous that my belly was in knots because I was worried the baby wouldn't show us the gender and I swear with each child the wait and anticipation gets worse each time. Especially this time being our fifth child, everyone thinking it was a boy, and even the Intelligender tests saying boy, I was anxious to finally know either way!!!

This baby boy is quite the stubborn fella!! He didn't want the lady around him, he kept kicking her or moving when she'd stay in one spot too long, and when she jiggled my belly to get him to move his legs.... he didn't. LOL. She looked several times to ensure the best shot possible and the one above and below are the two shots we got on our CD after our appointment. 

The girls over all are thrilled about welcoming a baby brother in to our crazy household! Madison is our oldest and was just as shocked as we were when we found out, McKenzie smiled but didn't say much (just her personality) and then Macyn was very upset about it and yelled she wanted a baby sister. I was quite surprised by her reaction because I didn't think at almost four years old she would care as much as she did. Of course Mya above has no opinion, but the flash was bright and I thought it turned out to be a cute picture like she's sad LOL. 

I'm already planning a baby shower and how his room will look which over all is a very fun but new process. I'm so used to looking at girl things that I still catch myself doing it. 

Next appointment is January 14, one day before I turn 24 weeks. 


Mama Blamer said...

awww that's a cute way to announce the gender. I just posted a picture of me with boy themed stickers from an app.