Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Project Pomona: Cloth Friendly Clothing!

Project Pomona is a company that designs shorts and pants specially designed for cloth diaper bums and gives you ease of use when your child wears cloth diapers. Meghan is the owner and designer of Project Pomona which started in Dec 2011 in her own home due to clothes not properly fitting her first born when she wore cloth. Sometimes even sizing up in pants can still be uncomfortable for babies to sit and crawl around in, so she started making her own pants for a great and comfortable fit for her daughter.

We've featured Project Pomona a couple times on the blog, but one day I was telling Michelle how I need to find winter clothes to fit Trip's cloth bum and she mentioned Project Pomona. After emailing I was sent a pair of Little Hipsters Stretch Denim Jeans in size 2, and Happy Camper Hoodie in size 6-12 months. 

Trip will be 1 on December 17 and I just love this outfit! I wasn't too sure how the hoodie would fit over all being at the end of his age, but I just don't dry it and fits great. 

Since the jeans come in different sizes depending on your child's age, I knew size 2 would be perfect to get us through up until Spring since they average 9m-18m in age. These particular jeans are a grey denim with black stitching and black snaps, and they're fully adjustable as your child grows so it's like having several pant sizes all in one! 

This deer hoodie is probably my favorite piece of clothing. Not only is the pattern adorable, but it's soft, versatile, and is even gender neutral so I can store it for next baby! It's 95% cotton which is why I won't dry it to get us through the Winter, but over all the length is great on him and he appears comfortable. I think the hoodie matches perfectly with the gray denim jeans and I couldn't be happier over all about my first experience with Project Pomona. 

One of my favorite ideas behind this company is that you're paying one price and getting several pairs of shorts/pants in once since they change sizes. I would love to get Trip a pair of shorts come Spring time and know they'll last him for months until it gets cold again in the Fall. While our cuffs are simple. you will also find a variety of prints and colors to add more flare when the pants are rolled up, and then their shorts are the same way. You can purchase simple denim shorts or patterns depending on your personal style preference. 

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Terra Heck said...

That hoodie is super cute and the baby looks adorable in it.