Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Girl Power Campaign

I received samples to help with this post. All opinions are my own.

The Girl Power Campaign has created a fun and powerful way for parents to help girls develop their own identity and a healthy self-image and encourage them to follow their dreams. Our products and the parent guide provide everyone the tools they need to empower their girls for success.

Having four little of our own, girl power and all it resembles is so important in our household. We want our girls to know they're equal, valued, loved, and can do anything they strive to do in life. When I was emailed about the "Girl Power Campaign" I really liked the idea behind their products and agreed to a review. 

After some hiccups in sizing, we reviewed two girls crew neck tee's and girl power bracelets. While you can choose which saying you want on your shirt, I chose the colors and left the sayings up to them. Madison is eight years old and her pink shirt says "I am always empowered to shine bright" while McKenzie is six years old and her blue shirt says "I am always empowered to be myself". I found both shirts to be very fitting our girls' personalities even though I didn't pick them out and I couldn't help but chuckle when we got them in the mail. 

They both love their shirts and they fit well over all. McKenzie's is a little long but it just means she'll be able to wear it longer. They're 19 months apart in age so this shows that their sizes are true to age because they both have a 7/8 on in these photos. 

I really like the idea behind the campaign and feel as though it's always best to empower the girls in our lives and follow them as they strive to to be the best they can be! I like the bracelets too because they're fun pops of color with inspirational messages they can look at through out the day and share with their (girl)friends for fun. 

Their styles and sizes all vary depending on the age you're looking to shop for, and they have fun accessories like Yoga Pants and Hoodies to complete an over all look if you wanted to. I like that there's several colors in each style to choose from so you're guaranteeing something that the lady you're shopping for will be a hit. 

Connect with the Girl Power company via Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram to learn more about the company and their over all campaign.

Prices vary depending on the item and size you're looking for (kids, junior, adult) and items are made of cotton and so soft to the touch. 


Jayne said...

It kind of bothers me that a "Girl Power" campaign chooses to advertise "Girl Power" on a girl's butt.