Saturday, January 23, 2016

Boken Diaper Bags!

I received products for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

Inspired by a travel backpack, Boken is a unisex, stylish yet utilitarian diaper bag for moms, dads, grandparents & nannies! Boken is the most lightweight diaper bag on the market, made from waterproof material that easily wipes clean, to handle whatever messes the world - or your baby - throws at you.

With the arrival of our son approaching, I was thrilled when I was given the chance to review a Boken Diaper Bag. I've noticed them around social media and was always intrigued with them, but didn't think I needed one until I got pregnant again. Not only with I have three kids 4yrs and under once Max arrives, but I'll have five children this summer with our oldest two out of school, so I need the mother load when it comes to a good quality diaper bag! 

I was a little blown away once I received the Boken bag and started looking around it for myself. It has so many pockets, zippers, compartments, and areas to put different things. The main compartment is the full depth of the bag so you can easily see what's inside and find things you need while in a hurry. 

My favorite thing about this bag and all the pockets is that I can use a little section of each bag for my younger children. When little Max arrives I know I'll need double the diapers, some bottles, extra clothes, and many more things just for his travels, so when it comes to the older girls they just need a few essentials for our long days out the house and we'll all be good to go! 

*Tote with detachable messenger and backpack straps 
*Wipes clean 
*Large inner mesh pocket and zip pocket 
*Outer flap baby bottle pocket 
*Outer mesh water bottle pocket 
*2 front easy access pockets for personal items 
*All folds into a small zip pouch for easy storage & traveling 
*Baby-wearing friendly - backpack distributes weight evenly to reduce back strain 
*Light weight - only 13oz! 
*Bag 13.5" x 16" x 6.5" 
*Extra large diaper pad: 22” x 24”

I was really impressed that this bag can fold in to itself with the pouch to make it easy to store if need be. I have several purses or bags that take up room because I'm not using them, so the option to fold it up unless I need it is a big bonus. Since I normally stay at home with my kids, we don't go places all the time and aren't out of the house all day running errands or going to daycare, but this bag is a must for any kind of parent!  

I saw this on Boken Bags Facebook page and it made me instantly fall in love with the bag even more! We all know that when it comes to diaper bags, they can get very messy! With leaky cups, goldfish spills and the occasional stinky diaper you couldn't find a trash can for, being able to wash your diaper bag to refresh it's beauty and smell is top priority for any busy parent! 

Retail value for these "Every Day Bags" is $68 and then they also carry Duffles and Hip Packs. 
You can connect with Boken Bags via their website, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram


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