Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I received products for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

This winter, LONDON SOHO NEW YORK® teams up with Walgreens to offer consumers another charming Disney collection of cosmetic bags – this time featuring one of our favorite, timeless princess: Cinderella. Available exclusively at Walgreens, the Cinderella collection contains five new cosmetic bags that will give your look a whimsical touch.

This collection, including a train case, organizer, two wristlets and 2 piece clutch set, is inspired by Cinderella’s magical night at the ball. Known for versatile, long-lasting and on-trend cosmetic bags, LONDON SOHO NEW YORK® blends this classic fairy tale and functional design in this latest collection to keep you styled like an elegant princess. 

While I'm not huge on wearing lots of different make-up, I do enjoy a good bag to keep what I wear in. My oldest daughter is eight years old and is the typical girly girl, so I was thrilled when I could share this Cinderella collection with her to easily keep her things neat and tidy when they weren't in use. 

I love the over all look of the bags with their timeless drawn look and subtle hints of blues. They're very soft to the touch and wipe clean if need be. The zippers are also nice and strong which is great for ensuring everything stays inside when on the go.  

Both of my bags feature this adorable pink fabric with heels and carriages all over. It really adds to the Cinderella theme and was a cute surprise when they arrived in the mail. After looking both bags over, I decided however to give the train case to my daughter since it's bigger and would be easier for her to contain her items over all. 

It was so cute to take the photo above and seeing what's important to my eight year old. While her eye-shadows are for play at home, she likes to keep all her important things up and together out of her siblings' reach and this bag is perfect for that. I see her every morning sitting on her bed, bag unzipped, spraying her smell goods and rubbing her hand lotion in before zipping it up and putting back on her table until the next time she needs it. 

I thought about giving her this wristlet to carry around when she has sleep overs or something but its not too long so I kept this bag for myself as a way to store my eye shadows, mascaras, and other little odds and ends make up items that go on my face. It fits well in my bathroom drawer while at home but if I go out for the day I can easily use it as the wristlet it's meant to be and have everything handy while carrying an adorable bag to boot! 

You can find these bags at select Walgreens and online as apart of their Cinderella collection which also involves polishes and make up. 


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