Friday, January 15, 2016

Michelle's Pregnancy Journal: Week 24

Doctor Appointments:
Sept 30: Ultrasound for EDD (8.5 weeks)
Oct 26: First Dr Appt (12.3 weeks) 
Nov 16: 16 week check up (15.3 weeks)
Dec 15: 20 week check up/gender scan (19.4 weeks)
Jan 14: 24 week check up (23.6 weeks)

Sept 30: 224lb
Oct 26:  227lb
Nov 16: 231lb
Dec 15: 233lb
Jan 14: 235lb

Heart Beat: 
162 (12 weeks)
134 (15 weeks)
145 (19 weeks)
140 (23 weeks)

Food cravings:
My cravings have leveled out so there isn't really anything I'm "dieing" to have except KFC's mashed potatoes and gravy and their cole slaw. YUM! 

Old Wives Tales: 
(2) Intelligender's say boy
Chinese Calendar says boy
Baking Soda test says girl

Max is very active, but also shy, so if I or anyone else tries to feel his kicks he will stop. I'm starting to see my stomach move because his kicks are pretty rough, but over all it's so fun to enjoy one more time!