Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Maternity Fashion with LuLaRoe

I received some of following items for review purposes. All opinions and thoughts however are my own! 

When it comes to maternity fashion, there isn't a lot to choose from if you want to stay in a budget. Let's face it, who wants to spend $60+ on one outfit that is catered to our growing bodies, and then let it sit once we have the baby? While I kept a lot of my maternity clothes for several years with multiples pregnancies, they tend to wear out, loose color, and loose their appearance. Our last child was born a little over two years ago and after lots of discussion we decided we would not have more children, however, God had other plans and we found out September 1, 2015 we were expecting our fifth child. Shortly after discovering we were expecting, a friend and fellow blogger, Heather from Mommy's Favorite Things, introduced me to LuLaRoe and their amazing clothes. Since then I've expanded my collection of pieces and have fallen in love with fashion for the first time in my life because of LLR!  

I was first introduced to the "Irma" shirt as a good first time piece. The Irma Tee is a loose "high-low" tunic with fitted sleeves. Because the back is longer, it covers in all the right places and comes in sizes XXS-XL. It's recommended to size DOWN for these tops and I agree to that. The picture below I'm wearing a pink Large but a blue Medium and it does make a difference in the length. 

I over all enjoy the Irma Tee so much because of it's flow and over all size. I've always liked my clothes a little loose vs way tight so Irma is perfect for that. I know as my belly grows the shirts will still fit, and then after I have our son I can still wear them as a part of my normal wardrobe. 

After building quite the collection with my Irma Tees, I met another consultant couple named Jaclyn and Elliott. I asked to try two different shirt styles from LuLaRoe to get a better feel of the other products out there and expand my clothing with some cute top options. I was sent one Randy Tee below and purchased the other, both in a size 2xl. The Randy Tee is a unisex knit shirt resembling a baseball tee with raglan sleeve style. You can find both printed sleeves with plain body and a printed body with plain sleeves. Sizes range XXS-2XL and run true to size. 

While I was unsure about how the Randy Tee would fit, it was instant love once I had my first one on. I do love the extremely soft fabric it's made from and surprisingly the nice shape it gives while hugging my baby bump. Because the leggings help hold in things and smooth part parts out, it creates a nice seemless line around my stomach and my sides. While both Randy's above are 2XL, the printed body seems to be longer over all in length for me. It's nice to be able to still hide the tush and look nice while feeling comfortable and confident in clothing.

The Classic Tee was appealing to me because it looks like a normal shirt with extra length in the back. I'm a casual dresser and love normal plain tee's at times, so when I got to try a Classic I was really excited. The Classic Tee's are made from spun polyester, always short sleeved, and features a high round neck line. This item comes in sizes XXS-3XL and I sized down once for this look above with an XL, but I think I could easily pull of a 2XL as well. 

I recently sold three pair of my leggings so that leaves me with six for these photos but more coming soon! When I was first introduced a pair of leggings back in October, I couldn't believe how soft they were. LuLaRoe consultants always mention how the leggings are so "buttery soft" and boy oh boy they're right. They're like tights because they're snug to the body and hold everything in, but when you're walking around you forget you have anything on the lower half of your body! Because of my expanding tummy, the leggings are so fun for me instead of maternity pants/jeans because they stay up when they're supposed to, don't get baggy over time, and are so much more cute then boring jeans. I do have one pair of maternity jeans that I had to buy with my last pregnancy and I wear them at times, but I'm always fighting them after a little while to stay up so whenever I get a chance to look cute (especially in public) with my fancy leggings I do!! 

Leggings are available in kids sizes and two adult sizes. One Size Leggings fit on average 0-12 for women and then Tall & Curvy Leggings fit women on average size 10-24. Most of the styles now will come with the new yoga band at the top vs the older style elastic band, and all prints are limited quantities. 

As you can see above, I really love my LuLaRoe wear. I can't help but snap some photos when I'm wearing something from my collection and I feel so great when I'm wearing it. 

I'm a mother of (soon to be) five children, I'm 27 years old, I'm 5'8" in height and over 200lbs. My oldest daughter is eight years old and I've never really focused too much on myself, my style, and making outside self feel amazing. Last year I felt a shift after LuLaRoe and I can honestly say that these clothes make me feel something I've never felt before. I walk differently, hold my head higher, tend to smile more, and just feel amazing about myself, my body, and how truly amazing it has been to be with all my blessings of children. 

LuLaRoe recently helped celebrate the gender reveal of our fifth child. As you can see above I'm wearing a pink Irma and cute arrow leggings with a mint background and then pink and blue arrows all over. Now that I have a blue Irma I'll have to rock this again to showcase more of a "boy" look for our son, but it was so fun wearing the leggings to my appointment and letting people wonder all day if baby was a boy or a girl. 

If you'd like learn more about LuLaRoe and want some great caring consultants while you discover this company, check out Jaclyn and Elliott's Facebook group. They're so sweet and were great to work with. 

You can also see my past review with LuLaRoe here from this past Fall! 


Amanda Durst said...

You look beautiful and stylish while pregnant! Where was LulaRoe when I was pregnant?

Nicolle Szczesniak said...

Which size do you get u I got tc and I'm 5'5 and 200 lbs abs the tc feel like they don't gold anything in. They are supposed to be tight right?

Natasha said...

Do you have the arrow leggings??

Natasha said...
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melmarmad said...

I have been looking for the arrow leggings for months. Are you willing to sell? :)

melmarmad said...

I have been looking for the arrow leggings for months. Are you willing to sell? :)

Emily said...

You look great!! Thanks for showing off how lularoe looks for mat wear. I appreciate it!! :)

A Slightly Better Wife said...

Great post! I love how versatile LLR is.

Samantha Leeper said...

Where do you wear your leggings at? Over your belly? On your hips? I'm 15wks and 210lbs and if I try to wear them over my belly it looks like extra fat rolls. However, if I wear them under my belly at my hips, I have a giant fat roll that flips over with my slightly prego belly.

Michelle and Lakeon said...

I always pull my leggings up Samantha.

Rasmus Korra said...

They are thick, not see through, soft, and extremely comfortable. As a wear alone legging or a workout legging I would highly recommend alo yoga. With that being said, I recently found a hole along the seam in one of my pairs of leggings.

Unknown said...

Thank you soooooooooo much for this! Exactly what i needed to know!