Monday, February 22, 2016

Daniel Tiger’s Stop & Go Potty App

Big thanks to PR agency for this product to review

Daniel Tiger’s Stop & Go Potty App Features

  • Helpful information for parents based on the teachings of Fred Rogers about using the potty
  • Four games that let kids:
    • Build blocks with Daniel and help him stop playing and go to the bathroom when it’s time to do so
    • Play Katerina’s water game and work on self-control skills, especially about stopping and going potty
    • Play a simple stacking game with Daniel’s baby sister, Margaret. She isn’t old enough to use the potty, so children can help Mom Tiger change Margaret’s diaper
    • Practice bathroom routines on the potty and at the sink with Daniel and Katerina, such as wiping, flushing and washing and drying hands before returning to play

Not only are we huge Daniel Tiger fans in this house, but Macyn is finally potty trained! It happened two months before her 4th birthday and while I thought she would never want to try, she finally did and it went very smoothly over all. With the release of this new app, Daniel Tiger’s Stop & Go Potty, it not only helps Macyn realize she needs to listen to her body and stop when she has to go potty, but it's fun for Mya too who will hopefully try to potty train sometime this year! 

We have a hard time with not only our four year old remembering to wash her hands, but also our older kids when it comes to good hygiene in the restroom. I like that this app makes you practice good routines with going potty, wiping, and ensuring your hands are clean and washed with soap. 

The best parts of this app for our girls seems to be these games. While there's only four different options for game play, it's enough to keep your child entertained for quite a while if need be. When you play the water game it's Katerina that expresses going to the potty and stopping play to go, while in the block building section (pictured below) it's Daniel that has to go and you help to the potty. Playing with baby Margaret is fun and she gibbers her way through the toys, but I really love the changing the diaper part. You get to see Daniel's mom and help her with picking a new diaper and a fun toy for Margaret to play with and keep distracted while getting her diaper changed. 

Inspired by potty-related stories from the series and the effective related musical strategies featured in DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, such as the “Stop & Go Potty” song, the new app helps kids practice stopping their play when Daniel Tiger and his friend have to go to the potty.
Daniel Tiger’s Stop & Go Potty is now available on the App Store for $2.99, and is coming soon to Google Play and Amazon.