Friday, February 12, 2016

Michelle's Pregnancy Journal: Week 28

Doctor Appointments:
Sept 30: Ultrasound for EDD (8.5 weeks)
Oct 26: First Dr Appt (12.3 weeks) 
Nov 16: 16 week check up (15.3 weeks)
Dec 15: 20 week check up/gender scan (19.4 weeks)
Jan 14: 24 week check up (23.6 weeks)
Feb 11: 28 week check up (27.6 weeks)

Sept 30: 224lb
Oct 26:  227lb
Nov 16: 231lb
Dec 15: 233lb
Jan 14: 235lb
Feb 11: 238lb

Heart Beat: 
162 (12 weeks)
134 (15 weeks)
145 (19 weeks)
140 (23 weeks)
121 (27 weeks)

Food cravings:
French Vanilla Cappuccino 

Old Wives Tales: 
(2) Intelligender's say boy
Chinese Calendar says boy
Baking Soda test says girl

At my appointment, I mentioned how I've been having a hard time breathing and already feeling like I'm 9 months pregnant, so after measuring my stomach and it being "ahead" I was sent for an ultrasound to check for excess fluids or something that could make me bigger. Being as he is my fifth pregnancy/child, I'm already stretched out as I like to say, so that is definitely part of the issue. 

I got a phone call later in the day that his head is measuring bigger then they'd like so at my next appointment in two weeks, I'll be having another ultrasound to see how he's doing over all. While all my girls have big heads naturally, I did see on the screen his head was two weeks ahead and I just don't know how normal that could be.