Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Head Lice Prevention with Fairy Tales Hair Care

I received products for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

We received these products back at the end of January for review, just in time to finish out Winter! The extra warmth that comes along with beanies is great, but the static mess left on your children's heads at the end of the day is not. Not to mention, the high risk of lice during this second peak season as they find beanies to be the perfect warm place to live. Save yourself the headache dealing with knotted hair and the worry of what else might be nestled up in those knots, Fairy Tales Hair Care is here to help. 

Our second daughter is in First Grade and had already had a note once about a fellow student having lice, but little did I know that just two days later we would get another letter from her school saying she'd possibly been infected a second time. I was thrilled to discover a product like this out there and the timing couldn't have been better for this review. 

The Rosemary Repel Lice Prevention is made from a proprietary blend of organic Rosemary, Citronella, Tea Tree and Geranium oils clinically proven effective to help prevent lice. Jojoba, Sugar Cane and Chamomile hydrate, moisturize and soothe the scalp They're gentle, safe and effective for daily use for the entire family and free of sulfates, harsh chemicals and toxins. Even better, they're gluten, soy, dairy and nut free so no worry of allergy issues since it's all on your scalp. 

The conditioning spray is probably my favorite product because it helps with tangles, makes their hair lay so much better, and protects them again possible lice contact. While I'm sure this product isn't 100% effective, we've managed to stay clear of lice, even when exposed, and I'm glad to have this line around. 

Having the shampoo and conditioner is nice to build up that extra protection along with the conditioning spray because it leaves all the good oils and such on the scalp. I will say that it does take some extra time to ensure it's all rinsed out enough to not have a greasy look once dry, but it's something I use on our all girls just to be sure they're protected as much as we can be. While we always tell our girls not to share hats, scarves, hair clips and more with other students, you can never be too protected when it comes to children! 

The shampoo, conditioner, and conditioning spray all retail for $12.95 on the Fairy Tales website, but with their nice store locator option, you can find this line in stores near you! After looking in my area it seems popular in hair salons around here, as well as Target! I like that I can walk in local shops and pick up more product when running low and it's something I plan on using for quite some time. Our third daughter will be entering pre-school in August and with five children over all, I'd like to avoid head lice at all costs!

To learn more about Fairy Tales Hair Care and the variety of products they carry, you can visit their website or follow them on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram