Friday, March 25, 2016

Michelle's Pregnancy Journal: Week 34

Doctor Appointments:
Sept 30: Ultrasound for EDD (8.5 weeks)
Oct 26: First Dr Appt (12.3 weeks) 
Nov 16: 16 week check up (15.3 weeks)
Dec 15: 20 week check up/gender scan (19.4 weeks)
Jan 14: 24 week check up (23.6 weeks)
Feb 11: 28 week check up (27.6 weeks)
Feb 25: 30 week check up (29.6 weeks)
March 10: Special In Depth Ultrasound (31.6 weeks)
March 14: 32 week check up (32.3 weeks)
March 24: 34 week check up (33.6 weeks)

Sept 30: 224lb
Oct 26:  227lb
Nov 16: 231lb
Dec 15: 233lb
Jan 14: 235lb
Feb 11: 238lb
Feb 25: 241lb
March 14: 239lb
March 24: 240lb

Heart Beat: 
162 (12 weeks)
134 (15 weeks)
145 (19 weeks)
140 (23 weeks)
121 (27 weeks)
152 (29 weeks)
147 (32 weeks) from specialist visit

Feb 25: belly measures 3 weeks ahead
March 14: belly measures 2 weeks ahead

March 24: belly is starting to even out 

At my Feb 11 appointment, I mentioned how I've been having a hard time breathing and already feeling like I'm 9 months pregnant, so after measuring my stomach and it being "ahead" I was sent for an ultrasound to check for excess fluids or something that could make me bigger. The doctor ended up having me two do more scans over the next four weeks to check check check, and he was finally cleared by a specialist as a "normal healthy" baby. 

On March 14 I was fully expecting a normal "in and out" type of appointment, but yet again, this office made things difficult on me. Since this office has five doctors, you shift around to the different ones and the lady I met at my March 14 appointment decided he needed a stress test for a dip in his heart heart while she was listening to his beats on their little hand machine. She decided he "failed" and I was then after 40 minutes sent to the hospital across the street for another stress test and he almost immediately passed. 

I decided for my appointment yesterday (March 24) that I was going to give my "normal doctor" a piece of my mind and how much they're stressing me out for no reason. I mean, practically every appointment I go to, they think something is wrong. Isn't that kind of stress on the pregnant mother something that shouldn't be there unless it's really needed?? 

I just want to enjoy these last few weeks with my family and kids celebrating their brother's arrival and expanding our family instead of always being worried something is going to happen or be wrong. I pray that I'll get my wish and have another natural birth when he chooses to arrive instead of crazy doctors pushing me to do something I don't want to do. I really miss my doctor that delivered all our girls and I hope he can peek in on us during delivery from Heaven and put some good vibes on our room.