Thursday, April 21, 2016

Welcome Little Man: Dino Babies: Crochet Hat and Loafers

I received products/compensation in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

Dino Babies is a SAHM based company ran by Alex. She has three children, two girls and one boy, and crochets from home for extra income. She's had her Dino Babies store on Etsy for several years now and it thrives from quality pieces and word of mouth. Today I'll show you a small sample of what she can do! 

Of course having a little boy after four big sisters means all the blue and boy things I can get! Not only have I known Alex for several years, but I love her work, so I was touched when she offered up my choice of hat for our little guy. Much to my surprise she included an adorable pair of loafers in the same colors as the hat to make a little matching set. 

I chose the hat from google searching and she made up her own pattern and technique to have it match similar to the photo, but I wasn't expecting the loafers and they were a wonderful surprise. Since these shoes are 0-3 months, he can wear them for quite a while until we reach our peak temperatures of Summer. Since they're soft soled because of the yarn his feet will be able to grow and sit in comfort while being warm and stylish with the over all look of the loafers. You can undo a button to open the strap if you'd like, but over all the feet should slip right in and out with no issues. The buttons are sewn on to the shoe so you'll wear to watch for possible looseness over time with wear and tear to ensure safety for your child. 

Approximate Loafer Sizes
newborn (worn for 1-2 weeks) 
0-3 months measures approx 3.5 inches in length
3-6 months approx 4 inches in length
6-9 months approx 4.5 inches in length
9-12 months approx 5 inches in length
12-18months approx 5.25 inches in length
**All shoes sizes have a generous stretch to them**

The loafers can be done in about any color combination requested with a boy or girl look. She also offers bows in place of the strap like seen on ours or even flowers off to the side, both called Mary Janes. It adds such a cute touch as you can see in the photo above and they can also be made in any color. 

I can't wait to follow up a future update post with Max in these adorable loafers and hat. The hat fits his room perfectly and will be a perfect addition to his room decoration when it no longer fits him. 

Connect with Alex and her company Dino Babies by favoriting her on Etsy and liking her page on Facebook. It's the best way to stay up to date on new items, discounts, and fun product photos being used like the one above. She offers a variety of items on her page, don't miss out!