Saturday, April 23, 2016

Welcome Little Man: Getting Kids Ready for a New Baby w/ JC Toys

I received products/compensation in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

Established in 1993, JC Toys is a family run and operated business that has continued to grow its product line to include many doll categories. Each doll and doll accessory is carefully designed to ensure that the end user is 100% happy. Our goal is to make all of our dolls loveable and to ensure that everyone, from a first time baby doll mommy to the most demanding doll collector are completely overjoyed with our quality and superior design.

Having four little girls, we have a lot of JC Toys baby dolls. From reviews to our purchases, they have probably half a dozen babies and love them all dearly with their "real" dolls being girls like they are. As soon as I found out we were adding a little boy to our family, I thought of JC Toys and knew whether review or purchase, they needed a "Real Boy" doll to get used to the idea of a brother and how different boys and girls are. While I have friends with little boys, they're not one to watch diaper changes and hover around so I know having a brother and seeing him bathe, change, and have diaper changes will be new and different. 

We had our baby sprinkle a few weeks ago so I decided to wrap the doll and give it to them at the end of me opening gifts. I didn't want them to feel left out, however my oldest daughter guessed a baby doll as I was handing them the gift LOL.

Even though they have a lot of dolls already, they were so excited to add another one to their collection and open up this little boy and start treating him like a little brother they'll soon be getting.  

I love the realistic look these dolls have. From the squinted eyes to the barely there nails, JC Toys doesn't disappoint with their attention to detail. While the dolls are smaller then your average newborn, you still get the feel that you're holding a new little baby. The girls are especially loving the practice and fighting over who gets to hold and care for "Baby Max" as they've all called him.

While our girls won't be carrying Max around or changing his diapers, I've found them to be delicate with the baby doll and really try to treat him like a tiny little person. Mya especially loves changing his diaper, so we broke out a size newborn real diaper to better help her in imaginative play. The diaper that comes with the doll is just big enough to fit, but with a newborn diaper and it's over fit, it can help them a lot with frustration and easier access to achieving their goal of changing a diaper.

We have fully embraced the very noticeable difference with this baby doll and that he does in fact have a penis. At first the girls would say yuck and didn't really know what to think of it all, but this is exactly why I wanted a boy gendered doll for them before Max's birth.  

The Real Boy and Real Girl dolls are realistic and may bring up questions, but I feel like this is a safe and some what accurate way to introduce children to the idea of siblings, especially when it's the opposite gender of themselves. 

This La Newborn 14" Real Boy Gift Set is available on the JC Toys website for $59.99 or the La Newborn 14" Real Girl Gift Set if you prefer for the same price. Features for these dolls include the fact that they're all vinyl, made in Spain, anatomically correct, and 14" long. The arms, legs, and head are movable and each set comes with a 6 piece outfit plus a hospital bracelet. Perfect for all children 2+, you won't be disappointed with ANY purchases made from JC Toys.They offer a wide variety of dolls including several anatomically correct boy and girl dolls, ethnic dolls, gift sets and more. 

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