Monday, April 25, 2016

Welcome Little Man: Pello Luxe Floor Pillows for Children

I received products/compensation in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

Pello was started by Cindy, a mother who wanted comfort for her child on the floor and then branched out her business to give it life and help other kiddos around the world be safe, comfy, and stylish on a Pello floor pillow. 

Having sold or given away all our baby stuff thinking we were done in our journey of having children, God surprised us with little Maximus, so I felt like a first time parent all over again. Not only because he will be our first son and everything left over is pink, but also because I was trying to find new up to date baby items and there's a lot out there these days!! I stumbled across Pello one day on the internet and instantly fell in love with the idea of this product instead of baby items sitting all around my house that would only be used for a short period of time. 

Pello is a luxe floor pillow for kids that goes beyond the standard play mat, positioning pillow, or baby gym.  The Pello provides comfort and support, promotes muscle development, and encourages independent play. With having four children already, I really liked the idea that all my kids could use the pillow and yet I can have a comfortable place for Max to lay when enjoying time with his sisters or play time when he's older.

They have girl prints and boy prints to choose from with a neutral section as well, and then from there you can choose a solid color for the other side. I chose the blue stars because it made me think of "rock star" and then love the navy minky for the other side because navy is an accent color for his nursery! I also love that it will be perfect for newborn photos when he's so small and petite. 

Featuring handles made of the same fabric, Pello is easy for parent to carry around from room to room or even on the go, but kids can also use it once they're older for a comfy spot to sit and read or play on perhaps their iPad. It' perfect for tummy time because the middle sinks in a little bit keeping them inside but exercising all those right muscles for neck support. Of course when they're a couple months old it's also a great place to let them enjoy the sights around them while you perhaps make a meal or sneak a potty break, and know they're not going anywhere.

While we await baby Max's arrival, I had Mya hop in the Pello to showcase her size vs the item. As you can see above, her whole torso fits in the round deep section of the Pello with plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy herself. She turned two this past December and is around 27lbs so I can totally see how children of all ages can use this. Because of it's true versatility and wide range of use in the age range of a child, I think it's very worth it's price of $120. 

Along with the floor pillow, you will also find blankets and birth cloths in some coordinating prints to match and they're priced $48 for the blankets and $24.95 for the burp cloths. They also offer gift certificate options for various amounts so you can let the recipient choose whatever they like. 

To learn more about Pello, visit their website or follow them on social media such as