Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Welcome Little Man: Totally Hooked Crochet: Handmade Teddy Bears

I received products/compensation in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

Totally Hooked Crochet is owned by my best friend. She's a stay at home mother of a little boy, and she crochets in her spare time for extra income. She's been doing it for several years and makes so many different things besides what I'll be featuring today. 

I tend to randomly look around Pinterest (as does Angelina) and I stumbled upon a pattern for the bears you see above. I instantly fell in love with the look of the bears and Angelina decided she would gift us five bears to represent our children as a new gift for each of them when baby Maximus arrives. She made up her own pattern, hit trial and error as she went along, and came up with these five adorable bears in my choice of colors you see above. 

All the bears are a different color to represent our girls and of course the blue is for baby Maximus. I love the over all tan with pops of color on the body, feet, and hands. The little swirls to look like paw pads are an adorable touch, and when pieced together they're quite perfect. Each bear is a little different over all and you can see that mainly with their cute eyebrows, but each bear has a special touch. 

I think my favorite part about the bears would be the eyes. They really put the whole thing together and I feel like almost gives the bears a personality. Look at the orange bear above and tell me you don't see a personality popping through!! It's kind of weird but so neat at the same time LOL. I know now that Angelina has done these for us, she has a better idea of over all size for each piece of the bear and better ways to do certain things so I hope she puts them up for sale in the future! They're stuffed with stuffing and perfect for cuddling, however I think these may be a "look but don't rough house" type of keep sake. Something special for them but of course I don't want them torn up! 

Angelina can also do boot cuffs, scarves, adult hats, bows, and much more. You can visit her Facebook page to see more pictures of her pieces, and then you can also reach out to her through Facebook if you decide you'd like to order. 

Above is a couple other examples we've purchased or she's gifted to us for Maximus. My husband is a huge football fan so we love all the items, and his anchor blanket will be a favorite for sure once he's here! 


Maria said...

She did an excellent job with adorable! Will have to check out her page