Saturday, April 16, 2016

Welcome Little Man: Undercover Mama Nursing Camisole

Thank you Undercover Mama for the tank to help with this review

The Undercover Mama is a strapless camisole that attaches right to any nursing bra. Layer it under any shirt, keeping your style without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe of nursing shirts. Essentially, Undercover Mama easily transforms any shirt into a nursing shirt! With two attachment options included with every shirt, Undercover Mama will work with any nursing bra...and you can continue to use it as an undershirt with your regular, non-nursing bras when you are finished breastfeeding.

I've nursed all four of my girls to one extent or another, but it wasn't until our third child was born in 2012 that I heard about Undercover Mama and their great design of nursing shirts! I'm comfortable in my own home nursing my children, and don't really care who sees what, but when I'm in public I like to respect other people and try to be as discrete as possible since not everyone can be a fan of the healthiest form of feeding a child. 

I first reviewed with Undercover Mama in early 2012 after the birth of our third daughter Macyn. I was determined to breast feed as long as I could/she wanted, so I knew Undercover Mama was a must for me to try! Fast forward that review and I owned three of their great tops with my fourth daughter. I was so happy to work with Undercover Mama again because I'd since gifted the shirts to friends and was wanting one for Max's arrival. 

One of the biggest down falls with breastfeeding would be wanting to stay modest in public without needing to spend the money for true breastfeeding tops. Some of those tops can cost $40 or more, and for myself, I just can't afford that when it means I won't need it once I'm done breastfeeding. My favorite thing about Undercover Mama is that I can wear everything already in my closet without needing to do anything special. I normally like to layer my shirts anyway, so this means my style stays exactly the same, and yet I can be comfortable in public by just unsnapping my bra to feed my child.

Because there's two attachment options, adjusting the camisole to any bra you choose to wear is a breeze. I myself like the clear ring to ensure it stays on my bra no matter what, but both ways work well. Even after you're done breastfeeding you can use these camisoles as a regular layering option because of the clip feature. This means you no longer have to wear your nursing bras to wear the cami and yet you're not out the money of the item simply because breastfeeding is over. 

Available in a wide variety of colors, Undercover Mama truly is for everyone. While I love black because it truly goes with everyone, they offer pink, yellow, grey, and nude to name a few, and then a cute polka dot print to spice it up. There's also a handful of sizes to choose from based off your bra size. The nice thing about this sizing is that even if your body changes with milk influx, you'll still fit in the top. 

Based off their size chart I am a Large and can wear it, but prefer an XL. Their shirts are made to be snug and if you're in-between sizes you should size down, but as a plus size woman I just prefer a tad looser clothing. 

Overall, I think Undercover Mama is a must for breastfeeding mothers. It makes feeding on the go so much easier, and you're able to have your stomach and back covered comfortably with only your breast exposed. These tops retail for $25-$35 depending on the style you choose. You can get normal tops like I reviewed, lace bottom tops like in my maternity photos, or the new slimming panel tops which helps to smooth and shape the belly in all the right places! 

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