Monday, April 11, 2016

Buskins: Leggings for the Whole Family!

I received products for free in exchange for a review. All thoughts/opinions are my own!

Buskins leggings is under a year old and growing daily! They're soft, durable and comfortable. Buskins carries lightweight leggings, fleece lined leggings and even fur lined leggings for those unbearable winters.

While Michelle introduced me to another company that I adore, I heard about Buskins leggings and wanted to check them out. They're a bit cheaper then the other brand I own and have a little more crazy prints, so I figured it would be worth a shot at a review. I'm thankful a friend of mine, Emily, sells Buskins and agreed to this review to see what this company is all about!

I liked the fabric of the skulls and loved the elastic waist because it was so comfortable. Material was super soft and better then expected with an easy comparison to my favorite company. I've washed them once and they held up great over all. They're the perfect length for me (5'3 1/2) and I'm a size 16 with plenty of room for more, so I'd say the sizing seems to be on point with the over all Pluskins sizing. Price is accurate for what you'd expect as well and over all whether its running errands or just lounging around the house, I'm pleasantly surprised and happy overall. 

Over all the print on this pair is so fun and different then what I've been used to seeing so far. I like the variety of colors and little shapes, as well as the fun skulls in a variety of sizes through out. I also like that rather then the print one running one way only, the shapes and everything alternate direction all the way around and this makes it look more symmetric. 

Another pair received is this fun Marilyn Monroe style they carried. While not currently available on the website, this pattern screamed Michelle and I wanted her to try them since she's obsessed. This pattern came in sizes 1xl, 2xl, and 3xl with the knowledge that they may run a little small so we got a 3x to be on the safe side. Michelle is a size 18/20 when not pregnant and while its better to be safe with sizing then not fit at all, these didn't really fit her well. Maybe it was just her bump, but they're currently in her closet until after baby. We both tried them on and they are for some reason baggy in the calf area and not stretchy/clingy like leggings are expected to be so that threw both of us off a little bit. 

You'll find a lot of selections of the Buskins website including women's skirts, capris, and short, then plus size of the same variety, mommy and me matching sets, active wear, items for me, and even fun little leggings for the smaller crawling kiddos! Prices vary depending on which section you're looking in, but most adult leggings range starting at $17 and going up. 

Check out Emily's group on Facebook to learn more and to have a fun consultant to keep tabs on the newest styles, when stock is updated, and possible sales!