Thursday, April 14, 2016

Welcome Little Man: Baby Extravaganza Announcement

With the upcoming arrival of our little boy Maximus, I've emailed, pitched, searched, and came up with some amazing companies that are must haves for baby, parents, and siblings! Having four little girls ahead of Max means we're starting brand new, out with the pink, and I hope you all enjoy this event! I had to move the start date from April 1st to today's announcement of 14th, so this next two weeks will be nothing but BABY BABY BABY!! 

Sponsors include items for moms, babies, siblings, and other varieties. Once we hit May I'll be featuring several of the companies in to one big giveaway for one lucky person to win a variety of the items I feature and I hope you'll all follow along and learn more about each company as we count down to Maxi's arrival!