Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Birth Story: Maximus

Maximus was born April 24, 2016 so that means I'm writing this on his one month birthday! This month has went by so fast, but I needed this time with him and our family to enjoy this special time in our lives. Things don't always go as planned and this past month {as well as his birth} can attest to that. 

April 14 was my 37 week check up where I had my first exam and was told I was 50% thinned out and 1cm dilated. Knowing that I could be pregnant for several more weeks, I didn't think much of the numbers and went about my way. 

I did seem to fill a bit of a shift in my body after my exam and I suddenly felt so much more pregnant. I didn't have much energy, I felt so heavy and worn out, and I had some Braxton Hix from time to time. 

Fast forward a week and I decided to cancel my 38 week appointment knowing that all I would've done was a weight check, and instead got ready to enjoy McKenzie's music program at school the same day as my canceled appointment. Little did I know that I would go in to early labor not much later. 

My 38 week appointment was supposed to be April 21, and then the next night April 22, I didn't sleep well. I was up for a couple hours with Braxton Hix contractions and wondering if I was in labor. They did subside and so the morning of April 23 my husband and the girls went to run errands and allow me time to sleep and relax from feeling so exhausted. My Braxton Hix started to come back and after a couple hours I told my husband he should come home and my mother in law to come over. I was at the point where I wanted to be checked at the hospital to see if I was in labor or if my feelings were just bad Braxton Hix, so we finally left for the hospital that night around 7:30pm. 

After being checked in and put in a room, I was told I had an "irritable uterus" but I was dilated to 3cm and would stay to be monitored. I was having contractions but couldn't feel all of them, and others that I did feel varied in the harshness so we had to wait it out longer to figure out if the monitors could help us more. 

After being at the hospital for 4 hours, {12"30am} I went from 3cm to 5cm and was allowed to move up to the Labor & Delivery floor which meant I was officially admitted as "in labor" but things slowed down over night and after getting some rest I was checked at 5:30am and changed to 6cm and 60% thinned out with a "high cervix" and irregular contractions.  At this point I was already running on limited sleep because everything started two days before so this meant I needed to kick it in gear and get this baby moving! 

I unfortunately had a terrible on call doctor from my doctor's office and at 11:30am his check of me was 6cm and 70% thinned out with him telling me I "needed" to break my water. He actually told me "You don't have to but you won't be loosing anything. You're not in active labor. You could just go home at this rate because you're not progressing." This of course made me cry hearing a doctor tell me I'm basically failing and intervention was my only way of staying in the hospital, but I had a fabulous partner in my husband and he reminded me that I didn't have to listen to the doctor and to just keep doing what we're doing because he will come in time. We'd been walking around the halls some trying to have Max drop more which things out the cervix, as well as thirty minutes of a birthing ball so I think doctors with this attitude can really hurt the woman's mind and spirit when trying for a natural birth. He mentioned breaking my water about ten times in our five minute conversation and bullying a patient is no way to go! He even said "at the rate you're going, maybe you'll have him tomorrow" but the way he said it was a nudge at me, and looking back I wish I had waited another day because then my preferred doctor would've been on call and been the one to deliver him. 

At 3pm after still not progressing anymore, I agreed to let the doctor attempt to break my water. When I did this with Mya, she was born ten minutes later, so I assumed we'd get it popped and he'd be in my arms within the hour.... but I was wrong. He tried breaking my water TWICE and maybe nicked it. He said the head is right there so there's no bulging bag to puncture and even attempted to push the baby up in an effort to move him to snag the bag with their device used to break it. 

At 4pm I decided to try getting on my hands and knees in the bed rocking my hips around and trying to see if some other forms of gravity would take hold because we knew at this point he didn't break my water since I was not leaking. His attempts did give me some bloody show and contractions but they once again, slowed down after a little while and went back to almost nothing. 

At 5:15pm the doctor came back in and we decided to use a Fetal Scalp Electrode to break my water. It's an internal Doppler that monitors baby's heartbeat and because it has to pierce bag to get to baby, you pop your water. I liked this idea because Max was hard to keep on the outside monitors and my machines always went off, plus I'd had this with Madison and knew how it all worked. 

Shortly after breaking my water, I knew things were changing big time! My contractions started again, they got more intense, started coming at a regular time, but also.... my back labor started. It's something I've had with 3 out of 5 pregnancies now and is so much worse then normal labor. I knew I wanted to have Max naturally and I had to push through the pain, I just didn't expect it to last two and a half hours before he arrived. 

After a lot of back labor, a shift change, a rude doctor, and the hardest delivery I've ever had {because I normally only need to push 1-3 times} our sweet baby boy was born at 7:43pm weighing 7lb 7oz. We were in the hospital a total of right at 24 hours to get him here and that also puts him as my longest because I had all my children sooner then that after entering the hospital. 


Maria said...

I'm glad that things went okay over all and I agree that the fill in doctor was not what you would have wanted, it's a shame you couldn't have your regular doctor. Congratulations!

Terra Heck said...

He's adorable! Congrats. Glad to hear you and baby are doing well, even with the few hiccups in the road.

Heather M said...

Congrats, sounds like an adventure. I'm glad you and baby are doing well.