Tuesday, May 31, 2016

LuLaRoe: An Overview of my Maternity Style

Some items were sent for review. All opinions are 100% my own

LuLaRoe is a fashion brand that specializes in women's and girls skirts, dresses and leggings. They also offer different kinds of shirts, kimonos, and more. They have nice solid prints, funky fun patterns, and sweet simple patterns to choose from. You can also get men's shirts and they offer neutral kids clothes that boys and wear!

I first tried LuLaRoe when I was around 12 or so weeks pregnant with my fifth child. Before I got pregnant I was trying to loose some weight and so when I started showing so early, I was taken aback and didn't feel too good about my quick changes. LuLaRoe was a fun change to my outer appearance and it was super comfortable, but I never expected it to completely change my spirit, inner self, and give me confidence in my own skin! 

One nice thing about blog reviews is getting the chance to try something when you're unsure of how you'll like it, and with LuLaRoe it was just the start of a total obsession for me! Once I started building up my closet with more leggings and tops, I stuffed the jeans in the back of the closet and started embracing myself as my body changed and I grew my little boy. 

I've not only used LuLaRoe for comfort while pregnant, but it's been in some big moments in my life the past 7 months like finding out the gender of our baby and maternity photos! If you look at my personal Facebook page, I'm 99% of the time wearing something from LuLaRoe when I'm in a photo and I wouldn't have it any other way! Max's pregnancy was the most confident I ever felt while pregnant and below I'll show you some fun pictures and just how fabulous LLR makes you look and feel!

Above is when I first tried LuLaRoe with an Irma and leggings. I was at that awkward point in pregnancy where you're ending your first trimester, still have some bloating, and just look chubby in the belly vs with child, so I really loved the over sized shirt and look to help with my confidence during this time. 

LuLaRoe was fun when my stomach was growing and everything fit oddly, but once I started to learn more I was on the hunt for the perfect leggings for a gender reveal and I found them above, pink and blue arrows! While we didn't have a big party or anything, I wore them all day and got to just have fun with the day getting balloons and everything ready to reveal to our daughters and do it in comfort and style. 

I often found myself grabbing for my LuLaRoe during my special photos for milestones in gestation and instead of just doing the quick belly shot in the bathroom, I was getting glammed up, feeling great, and taking full body shots of my changing body. Looking back, this is something I wish I would've done with my girls' pregnancies but true maternity clothes just were NOT giving me the glow like LuLaRoe did. 

I got my first Amelia dress from Phil & Danielle's VIP group and the photos above are from when I tried it on. I was around eight months pregnant and loved the over all fit, comfort, and of course the amazing addition of POCKETS!! From the front I didn't look pregnant, but my side profile was pretty darn amazing and the print while a bit much, is also fun and girly. When you hit your third trimester, it's always nice to feel good and the dress did just that! I love that it came to my knees for length because I can chase my kids around outside and not worry about bending over with issues or feeling too over dressed. One big plus with the Amelia is that women have found you can wear it with the zipper in front for easy access to breastfeeding or just a change up in the over all look, plus as you see above you can still use the pockets!! 

A few weeks after receiving the leopard Amelia, I found the a navy with roses dress that I just had to have, and used for one photo that you see above, so we're all in forms of blue since we were planning to welcome little Maximus. Jaclyn VIPs was who I bought this dress from and I've never seen it since. With LuLaRoe, prints and styles are limited and if you skip something you may NEVER see it again, and this dress was proof of that for me. 

Not only did I get this fun leopard Amelia from Phil & Danielle VIPs group, but I also received a Patrick Tee for Chris! They just came out in March and are similar to an Irma because of the length in the back. I found that appealing for my husband because he is always buying over sized shirts so there's a lot of length because no matter how I wash his shirts, they always shrink in the wash. This is actually a super light blue/grey shade and I got a 2x which is actually a size down from what he normally wears. He loves the feel over all of the shirt mentioning that while he's outside he's very breathable and makes him cool over all. He gets hot quickly so that was a nice surprise for me and it's always funny seeing your husband play around outside with the wind and his shirt LOL. He'd prefer it be a tad wider in the stomach area, but I think a 3x would be too big on him, so he's happy over all with the look and feel of a Patrick Tee. 

I'd been wondering about Maxi Skirts for quite some time because they can be worn so many different ways, and eventually I got this black silky maxi from Emily's Boutique group on Facebook. I'm very glad I have the photos above because I went in to labor just one week later, but I wore this maxi skirt a couple times while pregnant and it was amazing! Because of the silk, it felt great on my legs, had a nice breeze while outside so I didn't feel hot, and it hangs perfectly. When I use it just as a skirt, I had to be careful not to trip because of the length, so that tells me taller women could wear these with no issues! The over all size does make a difference on length, and mine is an XL per the LuLaRoe size chart. They have stretch to them because of the elastic waist, and I think I could even do a Large if I found the right piece I wanted in a smaller size. There's a large band you can leave up or fold over and it's comfortable both ways. The second and third picture above I left the band up and it looks great. I could see myself using a maxi as a cover up at the pool, or on a hot day using it as a tube top dress, all while being in comfort because it's versatility. You can easily pair maxi's with a variety of tops, jean jackets, or more and have it look fabulous! 

One of my favorite styles during this pregnancy was the Randy Baseball Tee and leggings. They come in a variety of styles and I loved how they hugged my belly. As you can see above you can get prints on the sleeves, prints on the torso, or solid colors and I'm obsessed with them all! They've recently come out with a lot of new solid colors and even same color Randys with a thin stripe of color around the collar.... too cute!!! They are in my opinion a tad hot for Summer, but so great in the in-between weather times like Spring and Fall.

This is a Nicole dress that I only wore once while pregnant, but absolutely love! It has a huge twirl factor and it's like being a kid all over again when you spin around in it. I definitely want to add more to my collection as time goes on and I love this print! 

LuLaRoe has truly been a huge staple in my pregnancy, and finally I give you my last pregnancy photo and my first part partum photo. The left photo is while I was waiting for the nurse to come from admitting me, and then the right photo is while I was awaiting discharge in my room. I had forgotten how the Irma fit with no pregnancy belly so it's taken me a little while to get used to the fit since it hangs more now that there is no belly hugging it. 

Be on the look out for a Post Partum post soon! I only knew LuLaRoe while pregnant so this is all new to me with no baby in the belly! 


Maria said...

Finding items that fit and are comfortable during pregnancy helps contribute to a happy pregnancy - at least that's what I've heard and it looks like you had a great experience. I need to give them a try for regular clothes:)