Friday, June 10, 2016

Potty Training at their Speed with Huggies Pull Ups

Having a big family means you learn something each time you hit a milestone with a child. For me, that's been potty training and the do's and don'ts of what I should and shouldn't do. My biggest piece of advice would be not to push them until they're absolutely ready, and that's especially true with our daughter Macyn. She turned four in February and is still learning and discovering the ques in her body and how to potty train successfully. 

Once you realize your child is ready to start potty training, each step along the way is always a moment in time to learn and share in the special times that come with this amazing milestone. 

When you learn and #TrainTogether with your child, you're in the moment and aware of each step as it happens. I love going to the store and seeing Macyn's face light up when she gets to choose which Pull Ups character she wants to buy. I love having our Sam's Club membership because we can essentials in bulk, and Pull Ups are no different! Of course most of us want to get the most bang for our buck, and you can't beat the prices Sam's Club offers. 

During our most recent trip to pick up potty training supplies, Pull Ups is offering Doc McStuffins or Lightning McQueen characters for $34.98 a box.

With new leg fit for all-around protection, Pull-Ups Learning Designs Training Pants help teach toddlers potty training and offer reliable protection where they need it most. Sides are stretchy for easy up and down like underwear to help kids learn how to put them on and take them off, plus the easy-open sides mean quick and easy changes when you need it. The engaging Disney designs feature wetness indicators that fade when wet to help your child learn to stay dry. Available in sizes 2T-3T (18-34 lbs.), 3T-4T (32-40 lbs.) and 4T-5T (38-50 lbs.)

Since I let Macyn choose the different characters every time, she chose Lightning McQueen and I didn't say no. While Doc McStuffins may have maximum protection for girls, I also want her to be happy and enjoy what she's putting on. 

Since Macyn turned four in February and weighs 38lbs, I get her the 4T-5T size which is 102 per box. She loves the over all comfort and feel of Pull Ups and she loves the different characters added to them. I like having the wetness indicator in the front for when she's unsure if her Pull Up is clean, and I like the confidence in knowing they'll do their job when an accident comes along. Macyn's main issue is not wanting to stop play when the urge hits, but thankfully with stretchy sides like panties, she can quickly get them down when in a hurry to ensure she has the best shot at staying accident free! She always wears a Pull Up at night to ensure a clean bed, and while some nights she is great, others she wakes up totally full. I'm glad that Pull Ups can withstand night time use, and saving mommy from cleaning up accidents that can't yet be controlled. 

One must have when potty training is cleansing cloths! Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths feature SafeFlush Technology™, so they start to break down immediately after flushing, and it gives the child confidence in ensuring they're clean once done going to the bathroom. Our whole family enjoys cleansing cloths and Cottonelle Fresh Care is the way to go! These Cottonelle FreshCare Cleansing Wipes At Sam's Club feature 11 packs of 42 wipes per pack which is 462 cloths total. Featuring a resealable pouch ensures they don't dry out in between uses, and with their rippled texture you're ensured a good cleaning every time. For the price of $14.83, you can't beat this deal with Sam's Club! 

Right now Pull-Ups Training Pants And Cottonelle FreshCare Cleansing Cloths is offering an E-Gift Card for qualifying purchases like buying (2) Pull-Ups Training Pants and / or Cottonelle FreshCare Cleansing Cloths products at Sam's Club between 5/31/16 and 6/30/16. You then get online to redeem this e-Gift Card after verifying with receipt of purchase. 

Is your child ready to start potty training? Team up with Pull-Ups at 
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I love that she chose the cars ones, I would do the same thing! Good on you! :)