Friday, August 19, 2016

LuLaRoe: An Overview Of My Post Baby Style

Some items were sent for review. All opinions are 100% my own

LuLaRoe is a fashion brand that specializes in women's and girls skirts, dresses and leggings. They also offer different kinds of shirts, kimonos, and more. They have nice solid prints, funky fun patterns, and sweet simple patterns to choose from. You can also get men's shirts and they offer neutral kids clothes that boys and wear!

This post is LONG over due! My little guy Maximus will be four months August 24 and I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I never really expected having him would tear me away from the blog so much but I am getting through it the best I can. 

I'm always trying to learn as much as I can about LuLaRoe because I'm an aspiring consultant, so this next step of the journey was different for me. I would be wearing LuLaRoe for the first time NOT pregnant, like the majority of shoppers you see in all the groups! I wore LuLaRoe in to the hospital and knew I would wear it out, but I have to be honest in saying that I was a little nervous. Was I going to still love the clothing like I had while pregnant? Will the shirts I loved now fit me different and hang on me unlike before because of my precious baby bump? Only time would tell and that started with my discharge from the hospital. 

I'm not going to lie, when I first put my Irma on to leave the hospital, I was shocked. It seemed so big on me and baggy, I honestly thought I would need a whole new wardrobe. This Irma is a medium and it got me to wondering about the over all length for Irma's now that my bump wasn't pulling the shirt forward anymore, and I took the leap with trying a size Small, hoping it would fit ok.

I was in one of my favorite groups, ran by consultants Jaclyn and Elliott Roberts, and they had this shirt for a little while and I kept looking at it, wondering if it would fit, almost claiming several times, and finally after Jaclyn and I talked, she sent me this gorgeous purple and teal Irma. When the shirt arrived I was taken aback by the material because it was something I'd never felt before, it was the newer leggings type of material that has tons of stretch and give! I was so thrilled that it fit not only my arms, but looked good in the length by still covering my back side and yet not hang on me like my blue one made me feel. I put this Irma up to a Medium in the normal material with no stretch and they're about the same size, which showed me I had more variety when it came to my tops because I could look at several sizes for prints and colors that could occasionally catch my eye! 

Having this Irma gave me the confidence in my very new post baby body to branch out and try new things or get out of my comfort zone more and truly explore LuLaRoe for all it's worth, so in come the solid leggings! I found a pair of greenish teal to go with the stripes of my favorite Irma and I felt like I had an actual outfit I could reach for instead of my coveted black pair that honestly probably deserved a break.

Along with solid leggings and exploring there more, I also explored more about sizing tops! While I love my grey X-Large Classic Tee {also from Jaclyn} I got a 2x black ribbed Classic Tee when I was pregnant and really loved the long look it gave me. While it felt a little baggy when I was pregnant, I decided to give it out of my closet a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it now! To me, sizing up 1 in a Classic Tee can give an Irma apparence with no worry of snug fitted arms, but yet still have the long length to cover the front and back when wearing leggings. 

Above is my dream print. When I found it in a Large Irma after month of searching, I had to have it even though at the time my preferred size was a Medium. I wore it plain with black leggings while I was pregnant and it was cute, but once I had Max I felt like it kind of hung on me more then I wanted it to because the length became pretty long. I found consultant Ashley Clements group one day and she had several pair of blue shades of Tall & Curvy leggings so I became intrigued to try to see if a pair could match my sparrow Irma without going over board on all blue. We chatted through messages for a bit, shared some photos back and forth, and I eventually went with the shade of blue you see above. Thanks to the lovely world of Pinterest and LuLaRoe groups on Facebook, I decided to give knots a try and it totally works! Not only do I have a great outfit for my "unicorn" Irma, but during Football season with the Indianapolis Colts I have a great pair of royal blue leggings to support my team on Sundays! The knot is nice because it's nothing permanent to the shirt and you can wear the knot wherever you please, but it gives the shirt a shorter look, a little more appeal with the slant, and the little knot just gives it a kick of fun that sometimes an Irma alone doesn't have. The fun thing about a bigger Irma I discovered is that I can change the look of one shirt several ways and it still hides my imperfections of a mom belly! 

While I was looking around Ashley's group the day I found the blue leggings, I saw this Maxi and my mouth dropped open. You see, several months ago this print came out in leggings. I tried so hard to find them in my size and be first in line during pop ups, but it never happened. I wasn't sure if this Maxi skirt would fit me since it's a 2x and I already had a silky black XL, but after talking to Ashley and discovering it's cotton material makes it fit a little different, I went ahead and gave it a try too. With the bright colors of teal, orange, and even some red mixed in, this paisley and abstract print is total love for me! I'm wearing Classic Tee's in both photos and on the left I feel the vest adds a pop of something extra that was otherwise missing, and then the right is a fun pink ribbed top with a side knot so the Classic Tee isn't just laying flat against my hips. Layering is brand new for me with this jean vest and I knew it was definitely something I wanted to try more of. I mean, now that we're done having children, why not vamp up my style and really learn to love THIS body that I'll forever have after my precious gift of five beautiful children. 

Layering has its ups and downs and of course with that comes sizing! Because I am post baby and not back down to what is my "normal" self, I've had some ups and downs with ensuring things fit right. Let's face it, my body is not the same as it was before. Having another child means things have shifted, weight has changed, and some items that used to fit me, no longer do. I have two Monroe Kimonos in size Large and love them so much. Layering helps with confidence because it can cover up your own personal areas you feel may be a problem, and also layering is a great way to show off style and of course gorgeous clothes! As we approach Fall I've been wanting to try a Lindsay Kimono because it'll help during this transitioning Fall months, and I found the middle above print in consultant Ku'ulei Dow's group. I took a risk and got a medium because I could wear a medium or large, and over all it fits pretty good. I debate the length in the back, but love it with shorts because it's thin and light weight and still great in these Summer months. I do plan on trying a large to see how the length is over all and I love exploring all these options I have with LuLaRoe.  

This post could go on and on, but in reality that's because I love LuLaRoe. If you haven't tried this clothing before, I strongly encourage you to do so, and if you'd like to learn more about the company you can visit the amazing consultants linked above or even search the LuLaRoe website for consultants in you area. 

If you'd like to read more, I recently posted an Overview of My Maternity Style with LuLaRoe and it covers my whole pregnancy! 

Be on the look out for styling posts I'll be featuring and how you can wear one item several different ways to change up the over all look! 


Peggy Jean said...

I love this so much! It's amazing what cute and comfortable clothing can do for women. I'm so glad LLR has helped you feel beautiful!