Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Maximus Update: 4 Months Old

I can't believe my last update was when Max was 1 month old! I feel like he's changed so much since those photos which is incredibly sad to this mama. 

Max was 7lb 7oz at birth, 7lb 0oz when we left the hospital, 7lb 4oz at one week, 7lb 13oz at two weeks, and then 9lb 4oz at one month! At his four month check up today he weighed in at FIFTEEN POUNDS!!!! I seriously can't believe it. He is quite the eater compared to his sisters and goes through a ton of formula. We got the ok to start cereal (I know its a "filler") and that's just to practice eating so we can move up to baby food! I'm so excited we have the whole Baby Bullet line to hopefully just make his foods from our kitchen instead of buying baby food in a jar. I've tried this in the past with other brands and it felt like more work then it was worth but I'm really excited to try again because he needs more filling things in his diet besides just formula.

In Max's third month he learned to roll over from belly to back, became ticklish when prompted, recognized faces of his parents and siblings, and started that cute baby laugh when he thinks something is funny. He's great at holding his head up well, standing and using his leg muscles, and taking naps LOL. 

While Max still wakes up a couple times a night, I'm hoping as he ages and is introduced to more solids that that will change and he'll sleep for a longer stretch at a time during the night which will in time lead to sleeping through the night. He's in our room in the co-sleeper until he's able to be laid down and assured he's down for the night at which time he'll use his room. 

See you at six months!! 


Dorothy said...

Happy four month little one :) I can't believe how time flies, so precious! :)

Maria said...

He's definitely growing quickly! Sounds like he's doing great