Monday, August 22, 2016

The Struggles of Baby Colic

I received a free sample of [Gerber® Good Start® Infant formula or Gerber® Soothe probiotic colic drops] from Gerber. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

As a mother to now five children, every child will have their ups and downs. I've found that Maximus, whether its gender or not, is a totally different baby compared to his sisters! All my kids are clingy, I assume because I'm their mother and their 24/7 caretaker, but I'm blessed to be able to be a stay at home mother because my husband takes on the burden of working 50+ hours a week to provide one check for our household. 

Early on in Max's life, just like with his sisters, I breastfed. Max and I had a huge struggle with thrush that lasted over a month with countless days and nights of crying {from both of us!}, throwing fits, and rough times that seemed in the moment wouldn't get better. While I was battling getting us both better, I remembered I had some Gerber Soothe Colid Drops from my blog post back in March, so I decided to give them a try for the excessive all the time crying Max had. 

In their first year of life, babies are learning to communicate, and crying is a way for them to express themselves. However, some babies can cry for long periods of time without responding to your usual comforting methods. Baby colic is quite common. 3 out of every 10 babies may suffer from it at some point, usually starting in the first 6 weeks of life and possibly continuing for 3 to 4 months or longer. Baby Colic sometimes is defined as crying for more than 3 hours a day, for more than 3 days a week, for more than 3 weeks a month with excessive crying generally happening in the evening. Research indicates that the type of bacteria in the infant’s intestine may determine whether a child is colicky. This suggests a role for probiotics to help support a balance of good bacteria in the digestive tract of colicky infants.

I could honestly tell a difference in Max from the first time I tried the Colic Drops. He calmed down a lot, he seemed to sleep a lot better {even though that meant still in my arms}. This gave us time to enjoy little things again as a new family of seven, whether it was a movie that didn't need to be turned up blaring, or playing UNO with the kids, his crying was better. I did slowly back him off the drops once we started the switch to formula when his stomach was adjusted to the change.

I feel like Max's stomach had a hard time going back and forth from breast to bottle and over all it affected his whole mood, but swaddling him was another great alternative for us when trying to find a #formulaforhappiness and a good solution to crying. During the day time we would often swaddle him with a nice minky blanket like in my first photo at the very top, but at night when I was able to get him to sleep, swaddle and sleepsacks were a MUST!

Something else that we realized Max liked was WubbaNub pacifiers because he could hold on to the plush animal and use the pacifier at the same time. Since the weight of the animal helps keeps the pacifier close to baby, it has become a part of his sleep time since he was little and loves to cuddle it to sleep making for a happy and peaceful baby! 

One great thing about Gerber Soothe products is that the Gerber Soothe Colic Infant Formula has the same ingredients as the Colic Drops to help babies soothe their tummies and digestive tracks to ensure as much comfort as possible. Gerber Good Start Soothe Infant formula is specially designed to ease excessive crying, colic, fussiness and gas while providing complete nutrition. While this formula is not intended to treat or cure any disease, it can help soothe your child but isn't a way to treat a possible issue. Ultimately you'll want to check with your pediatrician to ensure the safety and health of your baby and to ensure something bigger isn't wrong. I asked our pediatrician several times about crying and spitting up and other issues that make me think something else is going on with him, but over all I think he's just one of those pukey babies like one of his sisters and it gets better with age. 

Now that Maximus is two days shy of four months old, I think I've finally figured out his #formulaforhappiness and they key points to ensure he feels the best he can. Keeping him propped up after a feeding, ensuring he eats enough with lots of burps and breaks in-between, and making sure he's comfortable are all his key points to being happy. I'm sure being a baby is hard because you can't talk and rely on others to take care of you, but I try to watch and listen to his ques of something being wrong and tend to him before he gets to a level 10 of anger. 

Have any of my readers ever dealt with Colic in babies?
Any advice or things you learned along the way?


Maria said...

Glad you were able to find a formula for happiness for the both of you - my family has been very fortunate that none of the babies seemed to suffer from colic - they had other