Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Stimulating Baby Toys for Sensory Play with Little Tikes

Whether it's your first child or your tenth child, each stage of development is so important for your growing baby and their mind. There's so many toys and activities out there for a baby and of course they all say they're great, but I try to keep our baby stuff to a minimum with a few key items from good quality companies. Check out Max's newest Sensory toys!  

I fell in love with this brand new Little Tikes Hide ‘n Seek Hermie right away for Max. It hides and your baby seeks by pulling the bottom ring which makes hermie jitter back into its shell, making it great for eye tracking. The teether, rattle, and bright colors add additional engaging fun. Plus, the convenient link allows attachment to strollers and car seats, making hermie a great on-the-go pal!

Every time I have Max on the floor he is all about this toy, playing with it constantly, and talking to it often which is great exercise for him as well. He gets so excited about the toy I often find him stretching his whole body out and yanking on the ring and activating the toy all on his own. 

The Shake 'n Rattle Crabbie will stimulate and entertain your baby's developing mind. Engaging and contrasting colors combined with clacking claws and rattling beads make for a visual and auditory treat. As your baby grows, they can turn Crabbie over for more advanced bead maze play which is fun for all ages as my older girls can attest to lol. 

While it's a little toop heavy, Max enjoys this crabbie toy with the assistance of me or his sisters. If you shake it fast the claws clap themselves and he laughs at the noise it makes. Our girls call it Mr. Crabs from Spongebob and they all get a kick out of playing with it with their baby brother. 

Playtime or naptime, the Little Tikes Soothe N Spin Octopus is a perfect pal for your baby. The rhythmic spinning motion and soft body help your baby at naptime, while teethers and hanging toys get your baby active and stimulated during playtime. Add in the convenient link that attaches to a stroller or car seat and Soothe N Spin Octopus becomes an ideal on-the-go buddy, too. I would love to purchase this in the near future for baby Max, especially with Christmas coming up!! With the spinning motions, teether, and hanging toys, you can't beat this great sized toy for your little one. 

You can find all these toys from Little Tikes through Target for a good price of $6.99 for hermie and crabbie, and then octopus is $16.99. I've loved Little Tikes for years with all my children, so this new addition to stimulating baby toys is a total win!