Monday, October 31, 2016

Maximus Update: 6 Months Old

Max was 7lb 7oz at birth, 9lb 4oz at one month, 15lb at four months, and at an early six months visit, he had a small increase to 17lb 5oz. He is quite the eater compared to his sisters and while he's slowed down on formula in-between growth spurts, he is obsessed with baby cereal. While we've tried a couple flavors of baby food, he is NOT a fan, so for now we just continue with our routine and I think he may end up skipping right to table food in the next month or so. 

Max turned six months old officially on October 24 and we chose to start having him attempt to sleep in his crib. This was a hard transition for me (LOL) but I've found the key to get him to sleep in his room and over all it's been great! He's had a couple nights where he'll sleep through the night, sometimes a 9-11 hour stretch, and other nights where he'll wake up once for a snack and right back to sleep. While he needs to be fully asleep before I can lay him down, it's been an easy transition over all and I can't be more thankful for that. 

In the last couple of days he's started pushing up on his feet which in turn gets him to his knees. I am very much not ready for a crawling baby, but only time will tell. He's doing very well developmentally hitting all his milestones and thriving just like he should, so again I am so thankful for his happiness and health!