Monday, November 21, 2016

LuLaRoe - Carly Swing Dress

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 We all want a cute dress that lets us breathe and move easier, so in comes Carly - a swing dress that flatters the best parts of a feminine physique while being flowy and breezy everywhere else. The Carly comes in a wide variety of fabrics, print, and washes, and also has some amazing feature like a patch pocket, high-low hemline, and open sleeves.

Just like some other pieces from LuLaRoe, I had my questions. $55 for a swing dress sounded like a lot, and many questioned its mu mu likeness, but when I started seeing the variety of colors, the beautiful prints, and of course how they look on women, I needed one STAT!  

Of course I was on the hunt for a black Carly. It was to be my version of a "little black dress" and something I knew I could dress up or down easily to see if I liked it or not. While it took a little while to find because everyone wanted a black Carly too, it finally came in a size MEDIUM. 

I know, you're thinking "MEDIUM?!" but it's true. Carly's are sized similar to the Irma Tunic which means you can size down 1-2 from the chart for a more fitted look. I'm a size 18/20 and average a 2x in most store brand clothing, but when this Medium black Carly arrived, I instantly was in love. The medium was a nice fit over all, hitting above my knees, and hugging my arms a little without being too much. 

Next on my list a Large Carly. This watermelon pink spoke to me and I just had to have it! I was excited it was a Large so I could compare the sizing to see what I preferred, but to my surprise it was a different fabric then my black! This was a sweater like thicker textured Carly that offered a lot more weight and warmth, but still made me feel just as fabulous as the first one! Since it's a large, the main differences in size I noticed with the fit around my arms and width around my bust area. The length is about two inches longer which means it hits me in different places but you get used to the hem quickly. 

Once I started a collection of solids, I started seeing some beautiful prints and color block Carlys so I figured that is the next best step! Color Blocking is a solid piece, but two different colors, and while I was in LuLaRoe Patricia Hotchkin group one day, I found a fun grey and coral shade I thought was super cute. 

I liked the idea of having a Color Block dress because they're still easy to play with, but yet if you want to wear it plain, it's still dressier then a solid color and makes me feel a little dressier too. It's a nice cotton material but seems to run smaller then my other mediums, so I keep this one pretty simple. Since it's snugger around the bust, it gives for a good fitted look up up, but still has a good flow at the bottom. 

I love the idea of leggings and a Carly because you get the great comfort of Carly, but since it is a dress, leggings help ensure you're covered at all times and adds more of a pop to your outfit over all. The paisley leggings above, really match this Carly well and they're my favorite two pieces together. I belted the Carly and then pulled the fabric up and over to make it shorter, so it appears kind of Tunic length vs hitting the back of my knees. 

Last but not least for the Color Block Carly is the above look with a Joy and Cassie. I'm just discovering the Cassie pencil skirt, and I saw on Pinterest how adorable pairing with a Carly can be! Because it seems like smaller on me, I also paired it with a Joy to add another color shade as well as distract from the tightness once I made the knot. The knot brings up the front to show off the skirt, makes little pleats to hide problem tummies, and looks great done a variety of ways.

The above collage was made when I first got the black Carly over the Summer, but of course with Fall upon us, pairing with a Sarah, leggings boots, and even sweaters on top all looks Fabulous with the cooler weather! 

This amazing printed Carly is my first leggings material dress and my first print! I totally made it in to a shirt!

Carly retails for $55 and comes in a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors. Check out Patricia's group for fun options and other inventory you can pair it with! 


Stephanie K. said...

Oh I love it with a cassie! I'm getting my first Carly next week to try. I'm glad to know the sizes are generous!