Monday, November 14, 2016

LuLaRoe - Cassie Pencil Skirt

As we approach the upcoming Holiday season, Mama's Baby Cupcakes has teamed up with several companies we think would be a great fit to purchase/wear/give to others in the upcoming months. Thanks to each and every sponsor showcased in our Holiday Gift Guide, and if you see the cute button above then you know its Holiday approved!

LuLaRoe's pencil skirt takes the fancy up a notch from the maxi skirt without sacrificing comfort. The waistband flatters all body types and enables the wearer to adjust the length as needed. Fits true to size per the chart above, with some fabrics having additional stretch. Available in sizes XXS – 3XL. $35.

I'm not much of a skirts girl, but with my love for LulaRoe, I want to try all the styles they carry. I finally found a nice black Cassie from LuLaRoe Nina Stensberg. I figure black is perfect for a first timer because I could play with it more and get used to it with a variety of outfits and styles. 

I like honest reviews and honestly... I didn't love this skirt the first time I tried it on. I'm an 18/20 pants so that puts me as an X-Large Cassie. I thought about sizing up but figured true to size is always my best bet when I try a new style for the first time, so that's what I went with! When it came in the mail I was a little disappointed with how it looked on me and the way it hugged my mom tire, but I decided to play around with it and see if I could change my own mind. 

My first look I decided to go simple. I grabbed a black tank from my closet, put on the Cassie and then grabbed for my Monroe Kimono to help hide my personal imperfections but also to add a pop of color in an almost all black outfit. I really like this look because it's simple. It's a throw some clothes on and go outfit, especially good for the hot months because the Kimono is so light weight. I chose my coveted Converse because I'm a mom and they're my go to shoes when I choose not to wear flip flops. The Kimono keeps me covered but cool, adds some life with the fringe, and I think over all compliments the Cassie well. 

My next outfit choice was to pair the Cassie with a Perfect Tee. Really any top from LuLaRoe will do, but I adore this hot pink Perfect, and thought it would look great off the black. I feel like this look is good for someone that works at a low key office but then takes the family out to dinner after at Chuck E Cheese LOL. You can swap out the Converse for boots or heels, throw on a cover up to dress it up (or down) and the slits on the Perfect Tee allow for the cute little knots that make this shirt so much fun! 

I decided with my next outfit to turn one of my favorite Julia's in to a tunic/shirt and pair it with Cassie. It's a little more form fitting over all, but it still covers well and the stripes make me feel thinner. Again, this outfit is so versatile because you could wear this to work with a cover up and then come home, take the Cassie off, pull the dress down, throw on some heels, and go out with the husband! I tucked the bottom of the Julia in to the top of the Cassie skirt so it would stay, but over all it's another simple pairing that compliments the Cassie. 

We all know who Carly is, and she's a major best friend of mine, however sometimes I just don't like the dress feel. This roses Carly I got a few months back is my favorite print to date, and leggings material, so it makes for each hacking. While I've done the fun knot with leggings, I figured why not try with a Cassie? I love Pinterest for giving me this idea, and it was total love! The Carly looks like a cute top, but yet the Cassie gets to show off my legs and slight curves since the Carly hides the imperfections, and it's simply too cute for words! When I made this outfit, it made me fall in love with Cassie. Why? Because in my eyes it is a versitle piece, even if you just use different shirts.  

Since I loved the roses Carly so much with the Cassie, I decided to try another version. The color block one above is cotton and a tad tighter then normal, so I've been wondering ways to wear it. I thought the Carly could work because the pieces can help each-other out by distracting one from the other. I love all the knots and things you can do with Carly and I saw something similar on Pinterest to where you can see the Cassie peak through with Carly as the main piece. I paired it with boots and a Joy for more layering and think it doesn't look too bad. 

Through the joy of Pinterest, I thought I'd share some other outfit ideas above. It's always nice seeing how something can be styled so many different ways! Dress Cassie up or down, she won't let you down when it comes to feeling and looking super stylish! She can even be worn as a SCARF! 

You really can't go wrong with Cassie, she comes in tons of solid colors as well as prints. Everything from florals to funky fun prints, there's something for everyone.  For $35 you not only get a skirt, but a scarf, a shirt, a layering piece, and a huge staple in your closet for all occasions! 

Check out Nina and her collection of Cassie's, along with great tops and dresses you can pair with it! 


Stephanie K. said...

I think you rocked it girl! I've been wanting to try a cassie but so afraid to because of the fit! I have heard people size up for a not so tight look to it.