Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Making Your Baby’s Nutrition Count with Gerber® Smart Flow™

I can't believe that Maximus is now 1 year old! It seems like just yesterday he was a teeny little squishy baby, however they grow up fast, and now we're at a new stage in life! Now that Maximus is an official "toddler" he thinks that he is more independent now, and that includes feeding time! 

I've tried pouches in the past and just like in Gerber's adorable video, they could be messy. Maximus is our fifth child and I'm used to the same routine of things as my kids age, but I was intrigued with the Gerber® Smart Flow™ of their new pouches so I had to give it a try!

While I'd never really tried pouches with my girls, Max is all the time hungry! I decided these would be a great test for when we're on the go. I sat him down while I was cooking dinner to test out how well he'd do with the pouch, if he could navigate it himself, and how messy (or not messy) they would end up being. To my delight, her made almost no mess, held the pouch easily between his hands, and sucked the thing bone dry! It was easy for him to get the food out, he loved the taste, and found the spout and smart flow system did their job perfectly. 

Since our children range in ages from 1-9 1/2 years old, we're often on the go with school functions, awards, and special events. Right now is spring soccer and I'm excited to take these to the girls' games for quick snacks with Max. 

These Gerber® Smart Flow™ spout pouches are available at stores like Kroger, and retail for xxx per pouch. While supplies last, you can also get a printable coupon to use with your purchase to get more bang for your buck! Coupon or not, these are totally work the price and I love that Gerber listens to their customers to improve their products for the sake of their customers. I would consider these a #pouchWIN!


Shakeia Rieux said...

This is the only brand my sister would buy for her kids. I don't know if she knew anything about these, but if she didn't I will let her know and print out the coupon for her as well. I don't have kids or I would buy them too, but I can always buy for my nieces