nursery baby

Soon enough your baby will be too big for their crib and learning to walk. It’s often hard to accept how quickly your baby grows up. When it’s time to convert your baby’s nursery into a toddler’s bedroom, make sure you review these helpful tips.

Encourage Independence and Creativity

Toddlers are full of curiosity and wonder. Incorporate things in their room that will encourage their learning and growth. Start with buying a toddler-safe bed and other age-friendly accessories. Make it easier to see their clothes by building a child-size wardrobe to help them get dressed. This can helps give them a sense of ownership over their own choices. Set up a cozy kid-friendly reading nook full of picture books and puzzle books to encourage independent thinking. A chalkboard can be a fun space for your child to express their creative skills. Chalkboard paint can quickly transform any surface into a fun, interactive canvas. Use it to cover a table, decorate a door, or create a mural by covering an entire wall.

Reflect Your Child’s Personality

It’s important for the room to reflect your child’s personality. Try to include your child in the design process. Collect images of your favorite ideas and let your child browse through them all. You can even consider letting them personalize the space with a new pillow or stuffed toy of their choosing. Use a decorative nameplate or monogram to break up empty space and add color and style to the room. Try not to go overboard with a theme. You will have to redo the entire room if your child quickly grows out of the phase. If your child insists on a princess or superhero theme, incorporate it with small touches and decorations that are easy to change. Use removable wall prints as an easy way to add something decorative and educational to your child’s room like the alphabet, a map of the world, or an inspirational quote.

Improve Function and Aesthetic

Help your child separate playtime from bedtime. Relocate your child’s play area to another room so their bedroom can feel more grown-up. Keep the toys in their room to a minimum and store smaller items in bins. This will not only help maintain a clean and tidy room but will also help the room feel more spacious and relaxing. Your child will likely enjoy having their own space and easier access to their toys. If the room still becomes cluttered or you are limited on space, use stackable shelves to save space and help keep the room neatly organized.

Use these tips to help transition your baby’s nursery into a toddler’s bedroom.