Chocolate Bomb

Let’s face it, sometimes you need some comfort food in your life! Whether it’s a rainy day, some bad news, or just because you feel like comfort food! Sometimes all you need is something both sweet, savory, and saucy.

Food As A Form Of Self-Care

Self-care can be difficult with having a busy schedule. Especially with the kids and other family members, it is more important to be able to care for yourself! Food can be a good way to help maintain your wellness, stability, and general well-being; even when the food isn’t particularly healthy! Here are a few options for you to try.

A Hot Chocolate Bomb

Ever had a hot chocolate craving? Not sure if you could make yourself one but want to try?

Make yourself some hot chocolate bombs! Yes, this is, by all means, an indulgent food, but if done correctly, it is not only incredibly delicious and satisfying but also empowering, and that feeling of self-affirmation cannot be beaten!

If you don’t fancy trying to make yourself a chocolate bomb, there are plenty of ready-made options available to purchase.

Custard Tarts

For many, custard tarts are reminiscent of the holidays. It’s a typically British treat, with some having the added bonus of extra American flavorings like cinnamon and Canadian maple syrup! Crispy on the outside and creamy in the middle, it’s not hard to see why this is a classic treat. The best part is that with so many recipes online, you can easily make it at home!


Aptly named, this dish is prepared using a skillet pan covered with crumbled bacon and sautéed onions. It is then finished by pouring over it a mixture of grated cheese, milk, salted butter, and flour.

It’s very flavorsome and very rich and cheesy. Tartiflette is definitely not a health food, but absolutely a winner on a cold day (or any day you fancy indulging in cheese!).

Fluff Ice Cream

Now, if you are in the US, chances are, you have heard of Fluff. It is a marshmallow cream that’s typically eaten on toast or with jelly. However, it can also be used as an ice cream topping, and is absolutely delicious! If you ever come across Fluff in your travels (especially in the US), do try it!

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a staple comfort food for many people. It’s incredibly delicious, it reminds us of our childhoods, and it is great on toast or sandwiches! If you fancy some peanut butter, but perhaps not the excess calories that come with it, try out some low-fat peanut butter! It’s a healthier alternative to regular peanut butter, but nonetheless just as tasty!

A Good Soup

Soups definitely help warm you up if it’s not quite cold enough for something like hot chocolate, but you still want to indulge in something warm and creamy. There are many different kinds of soups out there, and definitely, plenty that can pass as comfort foods! Try a delicious spinach soup recipe.

Cheesecake Parfaits

Cheese is an indulgence for many people, and what could be better than combining it with another comfort food, like cake or ice cream? Well, why not combine all three? That’s exactly what a parfait does! A cheesecake parfait uses blueberries to compliment the flavor of the cheesecake.