Being a parent comes with a lot of challenges, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. One thing you can expect as a parent, is to be bewildered at how quickly your children grow up! You might want to find ways to remember their younger years, as they turn into teenagers and young adults. If you would like to start making keepsakes that you can look back on, in years to come, here are a few ideas you might want to explore.

1.   Make a Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are excellent for representing all of your cherished memories, and they are great fun to look through later in life when you are feeling nostalgic. You can use scrapbooks for any occasion, but if you want to memorialize your children’s younger years, then fill the scrapbook with baby photos, and any drawings they might have done for you when they were small. You could also keep mementos from your baby shower, or their first birthday cards, in there too. If you enjoy the process of creating scrapbooks, you could even make one for each year of their childhood, or to mark those milestone birthdays.

2.   Keep a Toybox of Baby Mementos

You might have chosen to buy your kids a toybox when they were younger, to help keep their rooms tidy, but if they no longer use it, you could always repurpose it and turn it into a trunk full of memories from their childhood. Things like some of their old baby clothes you loved to dress them up in, a favorite teddy they might have been attached to, or anything else that was special to them, can be preserved in your box of memories. You could even pass this down to them if have children themselves, as they might find some of these items useful as new parents, as well as enjoy the nostalgia of their youth!

3.   Make a Blanket from Old Clothes

If you have a collection of t-shirts or other old clothes, from when your kids were younger, you could always turn these into a personalised blanket for them. They could use it as a quilt to keep them warm at night when they’re a little bit older, or you can use it yourself! Companies such as, can do this for you if you don’t feel confident sewing the blanket together yourself, or you don’t have the time.

4.   Create a Collageof Artwork

Another keepsake idea that you might fancy,is constructing a collage out of their childhood artwork. Pick out some of your favorite drawings or paintings, and place them together side-by-side, or slightly overlap them, if you prefer. Stick the artwork down on a large piece of paper or canvas, and have the collage framed, to hang on your wall.

Kids do grow up fast and you might find yourself wondering where your little bundle of joy went to! If you’d like some keepsakes to remember their early years, think of the suggestions above and take your pick!