pest control

Bugs have essential roles to play in the environment, but that doesn’t mean you want them in your personal environment. Depending on the type of pest and severity of the infestation, you may need expert help to kick them out of your home.

Professional Strength Pest Problems

  • Bedbugs
    Bedbugs can make your life a misery of itchy bites and interrupted sleep. While bedbugs aren’t always a full-blown horror story, a true infestation is maddeningly difficult to get rid of without expertise. Effective bed bug control takes a dedicated professional effort, combined with personal commitment from you. You should be prepared to spend some money to have your mattress and perhaps other furnishings treated by a pest control firm, while possibly doing a significant clean-out yourself.
  • Fleas
    Fleas are some of the most common parasites you are likely to encounter, especially if you have pets. While fleas may not have the fearsome reputation that bedbugs do, they can sometimes be nearly as difficult to completely eradicate. Your pets are exactly where the battle against fleas should begin, with the proper use of a safe preventive treatment recommended by your vet. A professional quality insecticide treatment of carpets and pet bedding will be the minimum needed once your pet’s fleas become your house’s fleas. Treating your yard may be worthwhile if you let your pets outside, but keep in mind the chemicals the pros use will have far more staying power than anything you can buy over the counter. The bottom line is that you’ll have better luck with do-it-yourself prevention; once the fleas are firmly established, it’s time to call in the pros.

Do-It-Yourself Insect Eviction

  • Roaches
    Almost everyone finds roaches disgusting, and they can also pose health risks to some vulnerable people. Except in extreme cases, you can often battle these bugs successfully yourself. Pest experts say the first line of defense against roaches is cleaning, but that doesn’t mean that you must deep clean or sanitize every surface. Clean up food crumbs and debris, and dry up any spills or moisture as soon as possible. These two strategies will minimize a lot of what roaches are looking for. Both cockroaches and the smaller German roaches are easy to kill quickly with household sprays, but you may find baits or roach “motels” more convenient. With some basic maintenance and consistent bait application, you can singlehandedly rid your home of roaches.
  • Ants
    Ants can be a painful nuisance both inside and outside your house, and the two most common kinds pose different challenges. The small black ants often called “sugar” ants are the most common ones to see inside. The same basic cleanup that makes your home less attractive to roaches can prevent these ants from being lured inside. Fire ants not only pose the risk of painful bites but also can do damage to your home or landscaping if they build large nests. Happily, you should get excellent results using commercially available ant baits and sprays.

Like bad house guests, insect pests want to hang around indefinitely. When you have creepy crawly “visitors” who won’t go no matter how much you push them toward the door, it’s time to bring in professionals with the power to push pests out for good.