For many women, the question of when is the right time to have a baby is one they have trouble answering. If you’re sure you want kids, but you don’t know when to start, it can be stressful and worrying, and it might become something that you think about far more than you want to, especially when you have other things to consider. With that in mind, here are some ideas to help you narrow down a timeframe so you can plan things out the way you want to.

Consider Your Personal Goals

Everyone has goals they want to achieve in life. For some, that will be having a child or children and raising them, in which case, having a baby isn’t even something they would question. Others, however, might want to explore the world, reach a certain point in their careers, or take part in some other long-held goal that having a baby would at least delay if not remove from your plans altogether.

If you still have things to do that you wouldn’t be able to do once you had children and that you would not be able to achieve if you waited until those children were old enough to no longer need you quite so much, then it’s best to wait. Achieve your goals first, and then, if you want to, have your baby.

Think About Your Financial Situation

Children are expensive. Even when you’re thinking about the bare minimum you would need to buy, you’ll be paying out a lot of money. This does not stop as they get older and could be something you do for life. Are you in a financial position that will allow for this? If so, and you want children, it could be the right time for a baby – you’re financially stable and don’t need to use the money for anything else.

If, however, you’re not financially stable – perhaps you have a low income or a lot of debt –it would be better to get things organized in that area before having a child. Otherwise, it will be a struggle, and you may regret your choice not to discuss your options at

Your Relationship Status

You don’t have to be in a relationship to have a baby – some women choose to become mothers on their own, and although this is hard, they find it’s the best thing for them. However, if you want to raise a child with another person, that person should be someone you love and want to spend time with. If you’re in a relationship with someone who is selfish, unkind, or even if you’re in a violent relationship, it’s not a good idea to bring a baby into it as well. Rather than bringing you together, it could make things worse.

If you feel you want to have a partner before you have a baby, make sure they are the right person, and ensure they feel the same way about children so that there are no arguments and no bitterness in the future.