If you have kids, you might be desperate to get them into baking and show them the magic of creating sweet and savory treats from scratch. However, getting your kids into baking can be difficult when there are so many other activities to grab their attention. As such, here are some of the top baking-related activities that could end up inspiring your children.

·      Decorating Cookies

One of the most exciting aspects of baking for children is being able to decorate their creations once they have come out of the oven, and many children may be impatient to get to this part of the bake. As such, you should look around for stencils and frosting that can help your children to let their imaginations run wild with their bakes. For instance, a turkey stencil for cookies can allow your children to celebrate the holidays with their sweet treats and can ensure that they start to see baking as a fun activity to enjoy with you.

·      Baking a Cake

One of the simplest and most thrilling bakes that you can try with your children is baking a cake, as most children love to eat sweet and rich desserts like cake. Then, no matter whether it is a special occasion, or you simply want to spend time with your child, you should consider starting them off on their baking journey by creating their favorite flavor cake with them. If you think that they will struggle to do this, you should consider using a cake mix that can make the process easier and more stress-free.

·      Create Edible Playdough

To have fun with cooking and incorporate this into play, you should consider helping your child to make edible playdough that they can use to create models and figures- and eat afterward. This can then give your children hours of fun. As such, you should look for the simplest playdough recipes and consider going shopping with your children to get all of the ingredients that you will need to make the treat in question.

·      Find an Online Cooking Class

To inspire your children and teach them the basics when it comes to cooking, you should consider searching the internet for an online cooking class or tutorials that can allow your kids to learn everything that they need to know about baking in a fun and yet informative manner. This can then encourage them to get into the kitchen and can give them cooks and bakers that they look up to.

·      Watch a Cooking TV Show

You should also consider watching cooking television shows with them as this can help them to see the great range of bakes that they have a choice from and will allow them to get immersed in the world of baking without making a mess of your kitchen. This can then give them ideas about what they want to bake, including exciting recipes for children, and can give them an end result to aim toward by seeing what the presenter has baked.