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bread recipes
Mama Recipe

Bread Can Be Made Using Only a Few Important Ingredients

Freshly baked bread is often popular, even when people use a simple recipe. There are plenty of flavored types of bread that guests will also like. Bread Flavorings Most flavored breads are also sweet, but this isn’t always the case. People can bake bread that has a more savory or salty flavor as well. They …

glass jar

The best containers for storing home-cooked meals

Investing in a good-quality food storage container will help you preserve the safety and freshness of the food. It will also give your fridge a better-organized look and make your life a lot easier. This can be especially beneficial if you run a busy life and can only cook a few times a week; you …

Summer Kids Activities
Kids Care

At Home Outdoor Summer Kids Activities

As tough as 2020 was on you, it was that much harder on your kids. Wearing stuffy masks, missing their school friends, and having all their activities cancelled must have turned their lives upside-down. As of January of 2021, 43% of elementary students and 48% of middle school students were still attending school fully remote. …

kids care
Kids Care

Autism and Anxiety: What You Need to Know About Common Loud Noises

Parenting a child with autism is a unique and sometimes difficult challenge. Watching your child struggle with everyday experiences like sounds, sights, and social situations can be heartbreaking — and in most cases (unless you have autism yourself), you don’t always understand how your child is feeling! The sensory overload people with autism experience can …

instant noodles

Everything you don’t know about instant noodles

They are a comfortable and delicious food that can increase the risk of developing metabolic syndrome in women, especially if consumed more than twice a week. Nowadays, it seems that if you are a university student in a shared apartment, your pantry must be full of containers of instant noodles. However, this handy method to …

Ecological Gardening
Home & Living

Ecological Gardening vs Traditional Gardening

Gardening can be anything from an interesting pastime to a full-time job. Some of us do it on a small scale due to our love of all things green, while others choose to do it to put fresh veggies and fruit on the table. Others still will garden in pursuit of the aesthetic floral wonderland …

over growth

Yeast Overgrowth and Its Impact on Child’s Behavior

The human body is a miraculous machine, but it does not run perfectly all of the time. Sickness, illness, injuries and more are all common factors of life that we all deal with as they arise. Thankfully, our bodies are remarkably resilient, and your body will fight off many maladies on its own without you …

Study techniques for Early Childhood Education

Study techniques for Early Childhood Education with which to practice during the day today

In the two cycles that this academic stage includes, as explained by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, care is progressively addressed to affective development, movement and body control, linguistic manifestations, elementary guidelines for coexistence, the discovery of the physical and social characteristics of the environment, obtaining a positive and balanced image of oneself …

Child aggression: understanding and solving it

Child aggression: understanding and solving it

What do we understand by aggressiveness? We speak of hostility when damage (physical or psychological) is caused to a person or object. In children’s case, aggressiveness usually occurs directly, either in the form of a physical act of violence (kicking, pushing, scratching, pulling hair, biting) or verbally (insults, yelling, swearing). Indirect or displaced aggression can …