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instant noodles

Everything you don’t know about instant noodles

They are a comfortable and delicious food that can increase the risk of developing metabolic syndrome in women, especially if consumed more than twice a week. Nowadays, it seems that if you are a university student in a shared apartment, your pantry must be full of containers of instant noodles. However, this handy method to …

over growth

Yeast Overgrowth and Its Impact on Child’s Behavior

The human body is a miraculous machine, but it does not run perfectly all of the time. Sickness, illness, injuries and more are all common factors of life that we all deal with as they arise. Thankfully, our bodies are remarkably resilient, and your body will fight off many maladies on its own without you …

Why does postpartum depression appear

Why does postpartum depression appear?

Why does postpartum depression appear? Does it have to do with hormonal or emotional factors? Discover the most accepted causes here! Postpartum depression is categorized as “peripartum-onset major depressive disorder” (DSM-5) and appears during pregnancy or in the first four weeks postpartum. Its symptoms are the same as in a classic depression (although there are …

Male or female sterilization: which is the best option

Male or female sterilization: which is the best option?

Family planning is an issue that involves both men and women, especially when making the decision not to have more children: what is more convenient … vasectomy or female sterilization? Let’s see what both options consist of. As a sterilization option, the percentage of men who have a vasectomy is very low compared to having …

Irritation and redness - baby skin allergies

Irritation and redness – baby skin allergies

There is nothing in the world as soft, delicious and beautiful as a baby’s skin. However, being so sensitive it is very common for your skin to present irritation and redness. First of all, don’t stress: skin allergies are common and there are no hard and fast rules about how and when they appear. In …