Social networks are here and have come to stay. We can love or hate them but, we cannot remain indifferent because, more and more, preteens and teenagers use them (or ask to use them). This as a consequence of the fact that every time the boys, are having smartphones from more boys.

The most worrisome issue for parents regarding social networks and children and adolescents is the recommended age for use and access to them. Although, the specialists agree that it is only at 13 when the boys are prepared to assume a social network; from my perspective of Neuromamá, everything will depend on the maturity and responsibility of each individual boy. Chronological age is only a reference.

So we will have mature boys or girls at 10 years old and some who are 13, are not ready. It is already up to the parents to make an honest and thorough evaluation of it.

On the other hand, it is important that as parents we speak clearly with our children about the correct use of social networks and the dangers and risks that they bring. We must, be clear that social networks (like it or not) are a window to our private life and we must explain this to our children.

Finally, it is important to keep clear rules and guidelines for the use of the Internet and social networks and make it clear to our children that they should trust us in case they have any problem or doubt in the virtual world.