Bringing a new kitten into your home can be a magical time for the whole family, especially the children. What’s better than a new tiny furry friend exploring the house? As kittens are baby animals, they require a lot of preparation during and before their adoption. While they are cute little bundles of joy, they are incredibly adventurous and can cause a ton of havoc throughout the house due to their small size and inquisitive minds. For example, here are some things you need to keep your eye out for:

  • Watch your curtains or any materials that hang low
  • Block off the spaces that your kitten may try to explore such as getting behind appliances
  • Tie up wires and keep an eye on the kitten when there are wires on the floor
  • Take note of high places where the kitten may attempt to jump to, and what they could knock down and break

Find Their Favorite Toys

It can be stressful when looking after a kitten, especially if it is your first time. Despite all of this, owning a kitten is a beautiful experience, especially since you know you are raising a delightful baby animal. They need a ton of attention and playtime too, as the main thing a kitten wants to do is play around the house. As they grow up, they will more than likely change their minds about their favorite toys and what they prefer to do in their time. You should try to get different types of toys to see which ones your kitten prefers to play with, whether they like toys with feathers or balls that they can chase. You will probably notice after some time, that your kitten may enjoy playing with balls of paper and string more than the toys you purchased. 

Take Note of Their Age

Depending on how old your kitten is when you adopt them, you will need to take them for their vaccinations, unless they have already been done. If not, then you must find out how old they are as soon as possible. If you took in a stray kitten, then it is best that you take them to a vet, such as to find out an estimation of their age and when it is best for them to get their vaccinations. 

Kitten-Proof Your Home

As kittens are extremely adventurous, they will more than likely try to get into every nook and cranny of your home, even the spaces that you would not expect. While this can be harmless, some spaces should be off-limits such as areas that have a lot of wires, or areas where it would be hard to get your kitten out. This not only keeps your kitten safe but also means you can get on with your day without worrying about where your kitten is, especially if your kitten will be alone in the house during the day. This is why many people recommend keeping them in one room with all of the necessities they need if you are cautious about the trouble they could cause while you are out of the house.