For the lives of many people, finding the perfect partner and beginning to share a life together is an incredibly special time that is filled with excitement and romance. When the decision is made to commit to each other with marriage, it is an occasion that is one of the most joyful and special occasions in any couple’s life. As the years go by, many married couples will experience the ups and downs of married life, and this is perfectly normal in any healthy marriage. For some married couples, it is an unfortunate fact that problems within a marriage can eventually lead to the desire to seek a divorce and end their lives together. Clearly, this is a step that should only be considered when other avenues of reconciliation have been fully explored. In this article, three key situations where divorce may be considered a suitable option will be discussed in detail.


Infidelity, or the act of having sexual relations with a person outside the marriage, is one of the main grounds for divorce in most societies. In America, it accounts for approximately 40% of all divorce proceedings. Clearly, unfaithfulness within a marriage is something that can cause significant and lasting damage. Trust and honesty are key parts of any successful marriage, and these can be destroyed as the result of an affair. This can be seen as a clear sign that there are inherent problems with the couple, and in the case of infidelity, it is a wise move to seek the help of a marriage guidance counselor. By having such meetings in a safe environment with a trained professional, each party’s motivations and feelings can be fully explored. It can subsequently be determined if there is the potential for reconciliation or if the damage to the marriage is irrevocable, and each party should speak with divorce lawyers.


It should be self-evident that there is no place for any form of abuse within a healthy marriage. Violence should never be tolerated by either partner and is often a valid cause for divorce proceedings to take place as the only suitable option for the safety of the abused. Many charities offer advice to people who suffer abuse within a marriage, and information on dealing with an abusive relationship can be found here. It is also important to remember that abuse is not limited to physical forms. It can also include emotional abuse and financial abuse, and when these are serious in nature, divorce may be a reasonable option.

Different values

While it is recognized that no two people are the same, most successful marriages are built upon the fact that each party shares some core values and lifestyle choices. Obviously, either party is unlikely to agree on all the views and opinions of their partner, but if these differences are fundamental in nature, they can cause damage to a marriage over time. Key differences in some couples relate to the relative value of work and family life. If a spouse wants to start a family and the other person does not, this can prove to be an insurmountable obstacle to a long-term marriage. When problems relating to different values become an issue in any marriage, it is important to sit down together and look for meaningful solutions to them. If they pose an immovable obstacle to the couple’s continued relationship, then it may be the case that divorce is a viable option to let each party pursue the life they want.