Happy Retirement

Are your parents nearing retirement or have they already reached this exciting milestone in life? If so, there’s no doubt there has been plenty of thought about their future, and of course, you want to ensure that their retirement years are long, healthy, and happy. With those goals in mind, there may be some steps you can take to make it a reality. Let’s take a closer look.

Make Sure They Are Keeping Busy

People look forward to retiring because it means they no longer have to work and deal with all the associated stress and exhaustion. What retirees often find, and usually pretty quickly, is that without a daily schedule and job they can feel a little lost. Sure, the first couple of weeks will be wonderful and feel like a vacation, but what about after the initial allure wears off?

Your parents must stay busy, finding things to do that keep them physically and mentally active. Encourage them to join a seniors club, seniors sports teams, exercise classes, cooking classes and so forth. Anything that stimulates them and gets their attention is great.

Socialization Will Be Very Important

This brings us to the importance of socialization. When you head to work every day, you are bound to socialize with co-workers and customers/clients. Although it’s not the same as socializing with friends, it helps to keep away a feeling of loneliness. If your parent lives on their own without a partner, suddenly they can go days without speaking to anyone.

You’ll want to boost contact with them, calling or visiting when you can, and encourage them to get together with friends. Socialization is excellent for a person’s mental health.

Encourage a Healthy Diet

The food your parent eats also plays a role in their health and well-being. Encouraging a healthy well-balanced diet will benefit them physically and mentally. If they need a little help sticking to a healthy diet you can help with meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking meals for them that they can freeze or even setting up a meal delivery service.

Retirement Living Facilities Can Offer Positive Benefits

Retirement communities and facilities are often misunderstood and not given the credit they deserve. If your parent prefers independent living but is looking for added amenities and features directed at their interests and needs, then a retirement living community or facility could be ideal.

These communities often look like apartment units or condos and give seniors the freedom to enjoy life worry-free. They won’t have to worry about outdoor chores and upkeep. They will be able to build a social circle right there in the community and take advantage of on-site amenities.

Some of the features you may find in independent retirement living apartments include:

  • Dining
  • Fitness programs
  • Wellness programs
  • Spa services
  • Educational seminars
  • Culture seminars
  • Transportation
  • Recreational and social activities

If your parent feels unsure about a retirement living community or apartment, schedule a tour so they can see for themselves and ask questions.

All of these steps and tips will have a positive effect on your parent’s retirement years, which is exactly what you want.