When we become parents for the first time, our world begins to revolve around our baby and her needs. We forget ourselves and those around us, and focus exclusively on our newborn.

But as time passes and our baby grows, their demands increase, and it is even possible that the number of children will also grow. And once they get into the wheel of parenting and the maelstrom of everyday life, it is easy to forget about ourselves, our partner and even dedicate quality time to each of our children.

We remember why it is so important to dedicate these moments exclusively to all family members and own self, and how we can carry it out to be one of our purposes for the year ahead.

Time with children


We all know the importance of connecting emotionally with our children, but it is not always easy to put it into practice. How many times do we answer your questions by inertia, without knowing exactly what they have asked us? How many times do we look at them without really looking at them? How many times do we hear them but without listening? …

The daily stress, the thousand thoughts that go through our heads or fatigue, end up making a dent and we do not live with all the fullness that we should. We pass the calendar pages at full speed, but with the feeling of living in an eternal day that is repeated over and over again, and from which we fail to get all the juice we should.

That is why it is essential to find moments that help us take oxygen, relax and reconnect with those we love most and those who need us most. On the other hand, and whenever possible, it is also advisable to dedicate quality and exclusive moments to each of our children independently, making them feel special and unique to us.

Remember that the time of connection with the children does not depend on the quantity, but on the quality and implication that we dedicate. For this, it is essential to leave the phone aside and live intensely the moments we spend together.

Partner time


Raising and educating is exhausting and it takes time and a lot of patience, something that we don’t always have leftover. And it is precisely when patience is lacking and physical fatigue begins to take its toll when conflicts arise with the person next to us. Sometimes, these conflicts are verbalized in the form of discussions for lack of understanding, but on other occasions, the door is simply opened to laziness, routine and lack of interest.

But we must not forget that our partner is the person with whom we decided to take a path together and build a life project as unique, important and wonderful as forming a family. And precisely because it is such an important and delicate project, it is essential that there is union, understanding, and respect between the couple.

Connecting emotionally with our partner will have a positive impact on our physical and emotional well-being, and therefore on our happiness. But also, and most importantly, the couple’s connection also has an impact on our children, since children living in a family nucleus where peace, love, fluid communication and union between their parents’ reign, grow Happy, confident and confident.

It is true that day-to-day responsibilities, parenting, and maelstrom can make it difficult to find time to spend exclusively with our partner. But to “connect” with who we have at our side is not necessary to have much time, nor does it necessarily imply preparing a romantic dinner or a movie session. Simply put desire, enthusiasm and be aware of the importance of pampering and caring for our relationship with the small details of everyday life.

Time for ourselves


Usually, fathers and mothers always leave us for last. Either because we demand ourselves too much, or because it is what society expects of us, the truth is that we rarely think of taking care of ourselves as we deserve. However, to be able to take care it is necessary to take care, since if we do not, the relationship with our children and those around us, could be affected.

That is why it is important to assess whether the free time we have per day is really enough to relieve the physical and mental burden we have and if it is not, seek a solution from the conviction that we are doing the best for ourselves and for those who surround.

Once we have achieved that necessary time, we must think about what makes us happy, relaxes us and fills us with energy, something that will vary according to the person. A cup of coffee in silence, a few minutes of relaxed reading, a hot shower, a walk in the late afternoon, a little while in the pool … the important thing is to recover the hobbies we had before being a father or mother or look for other activities that help us make the best of ourselves.

Because taking care of ourselves is not an act of selfishness, but quite the opposite; It is an act of love and responsibility towards us and those around us. In addition, taking care of ourselves we will be giving a very important message to our children and a great life lesson: our body is sacred and also deserves respect and care.

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