The funniest activities at home for children

Did you run out of ideas to entertain your little ones during this quarantine? Do you wonder every day what to do at home with your children? Here are some ideal activities to strengthen your bond and promote its development.

Enjoy at home thanks to technology

Enjoy at home

It’s not just about making them have a good time, it’s about learning. To do this, you can turn to new technologies and implement proposals like these:

  • View drawings in other languages

You just have to press play. It will help you to rest for a while, and for them, to perfect their English while having a fun time.

  • Sign them up for free online activities

Storytelling, musical games, brain teasers, and so on. On the net there are numerous alternatives to distract minors while they learn.

  • Download educational apps

Recognition of animals, mathematical activities, assimilation of new vocabulary … There are several apps to promote the education of children that they will love.

Fun games to do at home

Fun games

Did you know that fun is linked to cognitive development? Games keep them busy, and enhance their concentration and skills. To table classics such as ludo or goose add these others.

  • Search for treasure

Hide an object around the house and hide different clues so that they can follow the trail. That treasure can be a chocolate bar or a toy.

  • Complete a gymkhana

Use all rooms for testing. In one you can make a bowling alley out of paper balls. In another you can play not to touch the ground by forming a row with cushions.

  • Improvise a play

Put hats, necklaces, large blouses in a box … Everything that helps them dress up and invent characters. Let them unleash their inner performer and become a spectator.

Crafts for children during quarantine

Surrounding yourself with colors is necessary during this confinement by the coronavirus . Pencils, watercolors, plasticine or markers are essential materials to stimulate your imagination. Stimulate their creativity with these tasks. If you have little ones who are still in a highchair, they could join in too but just do slightly different crafts. As long as you have suitable attire for them to wear, they can have lots of fun with paint, glue, play dough, and more. Get a baby led weaning bib with long sleeves to use for crafting as well as for feeding time – it is a two-in-one parenting lifesaver!

  • Draw the family tree

This activity will help the little ones get to know their families better. Take the opportunity to tell those stories and anecdotes of those relatives unknown to them until now.

  • Make collages

Use magazines, drawings or even your photos. So you can remember those vacations and plan new adventures for when this happens.

Other ideas to entertain the little ones at home

Other ideas to entertain the little ones at home

Do not forget these other typical, but equally interesting, proposals to keep children active at home. They will love it.

  • Cook as a family

Make them little chefs while you supervise them around the stove. Entrust them to prepare a dish each day. A cake, a nutritious breakfast;

  • Exercise together

Doing yoga, dancing, taking a walk around the house while you chat with them … Moving is essential to keep them in shape.

  • Read books from your childhood

It will not only help them learn valuable lessons. Also to you, who will remember unique moments of those times?

Now that you know what to do at home with the little ones during isolation, get going! Spread these tasks throughout the day and make your day unforgettable.