Male or female sterilization: which is the best option

Family planning is an issue that involves both men and women, especially when making the decision not to have more children: what is more convenient … vasectomy or female sterilization? Let’s see what both options consist of.

As a sterilization option, the percentage of men who have a vasectomy is very low compared to having their fallopian tubes tied in women. This gender difference has to do with the fact that, historically, the issue of family conception and planning was almost exclusively for women.

Male or female sterilization

Today, vasectomy is positioned as a very safe and convenient option. This is why, when a couple decides to stop having children, they face the question of which of the two will undergo sterilization.

Female sterilization

Any previously informed adult woman can be a candidate for sterilization. Some health centers recommend performing this operation when there is full maternity, hormonal contraceptive methods are contraindicated, or due to a health problem.

Tubal ligation

Tubal or tubal ligation is a permanent female surgical sterilization method that uses occlusion as a technique: a ligation is performed in the middle region of the fallopian tubes. The surgery is performed through an abdominal incision or laparoscopically.

The latter is usually an outpatient and minimally invasive operation, with a rapid post-operative recovery.

On the other hand, there is the option of a resection of a portion of the tubes, which not only allows sterilization but also reduces the likelihood of ovarian cancer.

The main advantage compared to vasectomy is that tubal ligation has an immediate effect: in vasectomy, the patient must wait about three months and then confirm sterilization.


A vasectomy consists of an operation in which the scrotal tubes that connect the testicles to the outside are cut or obstructed.

It is a quick procedure that requires local anesthesia, with a recovery of a few days. The first alternative that is recommended when a couple comes to evaluate their sterilization options is vasectomy since it is a less invasive, outpatient operation with fewer associated risks.

Three months after the operation, a spirogram should be performed to confirm the effectiveness of sterilization. Vasectomy in some cases can be reversed through another operation.

The most important thing is that the couple inform themselves about their options, risk factors, failure rates, secondary complications, among other important aspects, before undergoing any of the sterilization options.