Attending a wedding as a family is a much different experience than attending as a solo guest or couple. The day-long event will not only require much preparation, but you’ll need to organize family travel and manage tantrums, boredom, and hunger.

Rather than accepting the nuptials will feel stressful, you must look for ways to make the occasion more enjoyable for you and your kids. Here are five must-read tips for taking children to a wedding.

  1. Set Expectations for Your Kids

It is crucial to set expectations with your kids about the wedding day. Using age-appropriate language, explain to your children that they must be on their best behavior, even when they feel bored.

Articulate it is a special day for the bride and groom, and they must be polite and quiet during the ceremony, reception meal, and wedding toasts. Setting expectations will ensure your child is ready for boredom to strike, and they’ll understand the importance of remaining on their best behavior.

  1. Choose the Right Clothing for the Weather

Your child’s comfort will determine their mood, behavior, and enjoyment at a wedding. Ensure they remain happy and comfortable by choosing the correct clothing for the event andweather.

For example, if you’re attending a loved one’s summer wedding, you can take your pick of girls summer dresses for hot weather, which are crafted from 100% cotton and provide a flexible fit for comfort. It will ensure they feel relaxed and cool while complementing the beautiful day.

  1. Sit Close to the Aisle During the Ceremony

If possible, try to sit as close to the aisle as possible and near the back during the ceremony. It will allow you to quickly accompany your child to the bathroom during the nuptials or step outside should your toddler or baby experience an emotional outburst. Don’t forget to learn where the restrooms are once you step inside the venue to minimize disruption when the happy couple exchanges their vows.

  1. Bring Distractions to Prevent Boredom

Toddlers and small children are prone to tantrums and bad behavior when bored. Prevent the outbursts by bringing some items to banish boredom and keep them distracted, such as coloring books and crayons, finger puppets, or their favorite figures. Keep the toys hidden away until they become irritable, allowing you to manage their behavior throughout the wedding.

  1. Praise Their Good Behavior

Children love praise, which is why you should use it to your advantage during a wedding. Try to acknowledge their positive behavior throughout the day to encourage them to remain quiet, polite, and calm. For example, you could say, “I’m proud of you for being quiet and well-mannered.” You can guarantee that positive attention will encourage your children to maintain good behavior throughout the reception and ceremony.

Following the above advice will allow you and your family to enjoy a wedding from beginning to end while ensuring the bride and groom have a smooth, hassle-free big day.